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The Unexpected Visitor (standard:adventure, 1771 words)
Author: saradominAdded: May 30 2005Views/Reads: 3583/1308Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One boy learns the values of life as he is sent live by them.

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imagine?” inquired the specter. “Why would I pity vermin such as these? 
They chose this life for themselves being the dimwitted idle people 
they are!  If anything they deserve this fate for making our town so 
filthy with their rancid smell and messy pickings through our trash!”  
I retorted with more confidence than I deserved. “You will regret those 
words child!  For thirty years you will live your statement of these 
people and if you should manage to gain from your experience you will 
have passed your ordeal, if not, I see no future for you...” and with 
that he faded into the air.  I stared at the spot where the specter 
once stood when darkness descended upon me. When I awoke I found myself 
in my room once more. “Ha!  I knew it was a dream!  No more snacks 
before bedtime!” I laughed. This laugh was accompanied by the laugh as 
I went out of my bedroom which was followed by the laugh as I headed to 
my parents bedroom which was only exceeded by the laugh as I entered my 
parents room to tell them of the nights adventure.  As soon as I noted 
that my parents weren't in their room or in the house fearful thoughts 
started appearing in my head.  My fears were confirmed with the ringing 
of the doorbell. My heart was in my throat as my hand shakily opened 
the door to a portly gentleman with a grim expression on his face.  
Before I could ask of his business he started speaking, “I am sorry to 
be the one to inform you but Your parents....”  I didn't let him finish 
for I already knew what he came to inform me of.  I fled with a 
depression that clung to me for many years to come. 
۞	۞	۞	۞	۞ 

They never found me for I concealed myself in the many alleys of a
neighboring city.  Day by day and night by night I learned what it was 
like to be a beggar.  For thirty years I felt the pain and misery as 
many had before me.  Slowly my eyes changed.  I saw with the eyes of 
the unfortunate. I saw the world without its comforts and joys, a world 
where you were treated like trash, a world were you got no respect or 
kindness except from few who could see the world as I did.  As I 
watched the rich walk the streets I thought of the spoiled and pitiless 
boy I once knew.  I thought of every rock I threw and every insult I've 
used.  Then I regret everything I once was and made a resolution every 
year to grow better.  Every day I implored the rich for a coin.  Every 
afternoon I searched the trash for scraps that I used to live off.  My 
hair had become grease, my body was a shriveled skeleton and my bony 
cheeks felt the cold of every winter night in the abandoned house I 
used as a shelter.  As I was about to give up hope that Martin would 
return to deliver me from this ordeal he did return. Searching through 
a bag of garbage I slipped on a treacherous yet wonderful banana peel 
and collided with a little man in a waistcoat that was a bit too large 
for him. “Idiot! Watch where you're......ugh a beggar collided with me 
of all the filthy things...” the little man was sweeping a moldy 
substance off his coat with a napkin from one of his numerous pockets. 
“Sorry,” I mumbled. The little man picked up a large rock and threw it 
at me. It struck my leg but I did not say anything because there was no 
justice for beggars in this city.  I limped back to the alley that 
sheltered me for these long thirty years. In my half rotted house I 
found Martin waiting for me with an amused smile.  I dropped everything 
I scavenged and just stood and stared. “ came back?” I uttered 
the words in disbelief. “Yes I am real and have come back.  You seem to 
have grown much since I last laid eyes on you but the question still 
remains; have you changed much since our last encounter?” Martin waited 
for an answer. “I...I have” I replied softly. “Then your ordeal is 
over, remember the lesson you've learned and live it through your life 
or you will meet a bleak end.” With that said he vanished once more 
into the air. “I will spirit! I will live your lesson throughout the 
rest of my life I swear it!” a darkness fell over me for what I hoped 
was the last time... The End. 


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