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The Unexpected Visitor (standard:adventure, 1771 words)
Author: saradominAdded: May 30 2005Views/Reads: 3615/1328Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One boy learns the values of life as he is sent live by them.

The shade of the trees cast eerie shadows upon the shallow creek as I
walked through the land I called my home for many a years.  It was on 
this day that I sensed something was amiss.  The birds were as silent 
as a grave and the scuttling of a squirrel could not be heard.  The 
wind flew past the trees as if running from a monstrosity.  The trees 
stood still in grim anxiety and the woods around me seemed to be frozen 
in time. The first hint of his arrival came from the croak of a 
bullfrog.  One by one the frogs repeated each other in a harmonic 
pattern.  The melody of the birds arose once more and brought life back 
to the dismal scene.  My mind was swirling with a thousand questions.  
What was happening?  Why did life seem to cease for that miniscule 
moment in time? Among the rest was the most puzzling question on my 
mind; who was that man? A figure stood not far from where I stood.  He 
stood tall and proud, his body enshrouded in the dim of the night.  The 
only part I saw clearly of him was his face that shone brightly next to 
the glow of the full moon.  At first glance I thought him to be a 
restless stranger taking a stroll.  After I had studied his face my 
thoughts immediately changed.  I recognized his face from the stories 
I've read and the pictures I've seen.  He was a man that took place in 
bringing unity to our country.  The man that stood before me now was 
none other than Martin Luther King Jr. For an extended five minutes I 
just stared, unable to take in this reality.  At last my fear had 
awoken and I hastened away from the man that was said to have long 
since past away.  I fled as quickly as my legs would permit into my 
house, up to my room and into my bed.  I pulled the blanket well over 
my head in an attempt to hide from the spirit.  Seconds had past and I 
took a look from beyond my blankets and found him staring at me from my 
door.  Hastily I returned to the depths of my blankets. “Do not be 
foolish boy. You cannot hide an ocean in a dessert, I AM REAL!” he 
boomed. The blankets flew off my bed as if his words were a gust of 
wind.  I stumbled from my bed and stood staring at the specter with a 
mixture of fear and awe.  He had eyes that pierced the mind.  He wore 
an ancient vest with a maroon tie.  His face was wrinkled with age yet 
his figure was still tall and intimidating. “What business do you have 
here?” I managed to squeak. “I am here to bestow upon you the horrors 
of the world in hopes that you will gain from this experience and 
understand what lies beyond your fortress of comfort.” He replied 
solemnly. “I really appreciate your concern but wouldn't a good nights 
sleep be so much better?” I suggested with a weak smile. To my dismay 
my suggestion was in vain.  Martin held out his hand. “What will become 
of me if I touch your hand?” I waited for his answer with a dreadful 
thought in my mind.  When no reply came I asked again but still he held 
out his hand without responding.  Sealing my eyes I slowly put my palm 
on his and as soon as I touch him my body felt weightless.  It was an 
unfamiliar and almost terrifying feeling that was over as soon as it 
began.  I unsealed my eyes to a site that seemed oddly familiar. “Is 
the place not familiar to you?” he spoke in calm voice that rang 
through my mind. We stood at what seemed to be a row of stalls with 
people selling their wares and many shoppers as well.  There were 
numerous fruits on the stalls such as apples, apricots, cherries, 
melons, pomegranates, mangos, pears, a few plums and an assortment of 
vegetables that were not limited to artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, 
lettuce, spinach, as well as broccoli. “Why it's....Market Square of 
course! It is where all business in this town centers,” I nodded 
knowingly. “Business? Bah! When men can open their eyes without a glint 
of green then I would be able to rest!” snorted the apparition. “Now 
come along so we may wash away the grime that has fouled your eyes.” I 
followed obediently and as we passed by a mirror shop I stopped to 
study my eyes but they seemed clean to me. “I look at my reflection yet 
I see no grime, why is that so spirit?” I gave the spirit a questioning 
look. “You see nothing for you know nothing,” responded the spirit. For 
a moment I puzzled over his answer but decided to wait for his 
intentions to become clear through what he showed me.  We walked 
through street after street and just as I was about to complain of my 
sore legs he stopped abruptly. “Now look around and tell me what you 
see,” Martin commanded. Before my eyes I saw an alleyway that looked 
like it needed a good deal of cleaning up.  There was graffiti on the 
houses, garbage on the streets and flies encircling a heap of something 
I'd rather not step on.  Surprisingly enough life still dwelled in this 
poor excuse for an alley.  Everywhere you look there was a beggar that 
was picking through the garbage or lying on the sidewalk looking as if 
they were dead.  Many of them were very skinny and you could see their 
skulls behind the thin layer of skin and meat they had left. “I see an 
alley filled with trash and homeless beggars,” I spoke with revolt. “Do 
you not pity these people who've endured more hardships than you could 

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