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An Animal's Life (standard:adventure, 661 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jun 01 2005Views/Reads: 1893/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It explaines the life that animals live in the modurn world.

Welcome to the world of an animal, my name is Jeremy Volker. Have you
ever wondered if animals were like humans, if they could read and 
write. Do they use electricity, or maybe running water? Do they have 
cities? Do they have times of peace and times of war? In this book I 
will tell you everything about the life of animals. Now I want you to 
understand that some of the things that I will write about are fiction 
to protect the lives of these creatures. I will also do an in depth 
study of creatures such as, rats, moles, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, 
birds, groundhogs, cats, and dog. The order that I put the creatures is 
the order that they will be written about. There will also be in depth 
pictures of some of the buildings, outfitting, and home décor; but I'm 
warning you, that if you ever see such things that are describe you are 
sworn to secrecy, and you must not tell anyone about it. You must also 
never go near it again or bring anyone else there, unless by the 
expressed permission of the creature that abides. Now that we have 
covered these things we can move on to the story. 

-----------------------Animal News for You---------------------------
June 15, 1991 New Expansion to the Sewers 

A new expansion is being added to the sewers, for the rats that live
there it's wonderful news, but maybe not for other animals. 

“I don't like, not one bit.” Says Mrs. Bentler an elderly, widowed shrew
that lives in a quant little log nearby, “The stench is terrible. It 
smells like sewage. It is terrible, now all my flowers are going to 
die, just going to die. And I'll have to move all of my furniture out 
to let them air dry, after all this is done. I just can't stand it, I 
think I'm going to move.” Says Mrs. Bentler, as she dabbed her tears 
with a handkerchief. 

Not only is smelly but it is also dangerous. “You know that is how my
husband and youngest son died. My son got sick, very sick, extremely 
sick, deadly sick, so my husband went to run and get the doctor. The 
sewers were under construction then to. He never came back, we waited 
all night for his return, but there was no relief. Finally at 2:00 in 
the morning Jack, my youngest son died. The next morning his body was 
found at the bottom of the sewers. Apparently, he was running so fast 
that he didn't see the whole.... he...he... fell wit h a plummet to the 
bottom. The next morning...we...we...buried two graves. There still 
there.” The story of Mrs. Bentler is truly a tragic one, but 
unfortunately, not the last. 

Not all the rats agree with the sewer expansion. One rat, who will stay
anonymous, thinks it is, “Abominable. I don't see why we need more 
space to build larger grander buildings that we don't need.” 

One of the new buildings that is being constructed is a museum of rat
history and artifacts. “I don't see why we need things like this to 
teach our young's the history of us. That is what us'n parents are for. 
Parents, now days, to lazy to teach their own children.” Exclaimed the 
anonymous rat 

So do the Rats really need all these unnecessary buildings, are we
becoming lazy, and is it safe? Maybe we should learn to be content with 
the things that we have and not look as though we should show off the 
wealth that we own. 

Not all this building is bad. The rats are planning to build a school,
and start agriculture. But couldn't the parents teach the children? 

“We need to teach our children in an environment with other children, to
learn things that will make them prosperous. We want our children to 
learn and grow up to become young prosperous rats.” Said Abraham Polk, 
principle of  Denmark School of Agriculture 


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