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There's Nothing To Steal In Here (standard:poetry, 199 words)
Author: MACAdded: Jan 22 2001Views/Reads: 2429/7Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Shall you yield or not, open up or stay closed to a lover?

You don't seem to understand 

there's nothing in this suicide cage 

its just a broken down vestige where a heart used to be 

there's nothing to steal in here 

don't come into this box 

you're not welcome here can't you understand 

what are you doing back off 

good, now turn around and leave 

hey where are you going 

come back here perhaps there is something after all 

its just this little perfunctory piece 

every time I try to make it work it falls apart 

perhaps you could give it a shot 

if you are who you and they say you are 

you'll make it work 

its in a desperate need of salvation and salvage 

I'm hurting and nothing's goings right 

its in this little book must you have the key 

there's still some reserve I don't really want to yield the key 

yes there's pain but there's still protection 

there's nothing worth stealing in here 

of course there is but why must I yield the key 

yield the key! 

Here, gingerly handing over 

take it, steal what you must and heal everything 

why am I so in love with you 

now I just want to be intimate with you


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