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Gripping Fates (standard:poetry, 163 words)
Author: DreamerAdded: Jun 06 2005Views/Reads: 1764/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
its a poem, expression and flowery language, u kno the whole 9 yards

Soulessly the grip of my fate, the songs of salvation much to late,
truth through utter disbelief, false hope and soddered dreams, held 
together by our makeshift wings, floating, drifting, feeling the air as 
it courses my veins, the unending burst of  joy for the freedom felt as 
I fall to the world, crashing through my fragile sentiments, shattering 
my serenity, the emptying pool of tranquility, the water level rises as 
the feeling increases, the thrumming, the motionless embrace of souls 
caught in dancing for joy,  of lovers arms caressing each other in pure 
sensuality, the first faltering kiss, the heating of the blood as what 
the kiss implies, insinuates, comes to terms in there young minds, she 
craving for his touch, he the feel of wanton, it but an expression of 
their passion, as they close their eyes, barely able to distinguish 
each other, only able to feel one another, they as droplets of water 
that always end up entwined into one.


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