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The Gothic Ballerina Part 2 (standard:science fiction, 1302 words) [2/8] show all parts
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: Jun 15 2005Views/Reads: 1417/1019Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Calming down after another night on the prowl, Echo is startled to find a man waiting for her in her apartment. His name is Mikey and he needs her to find his sister.

Back in her small and dark apartment, she changed from her blood
spattered clothes into a black spaghetti strap and leggings then popped 
in her music.  Darling Violetta's haunting tunes swirled around her as 
she began to unwind with dancing.  Her eyes were shut, her body 
becoming one with the music, her feet seeming to barely touch the 

“You move so beautifully,” a voice spoke from the red sheer curtains
that hung around her bed.  Immediately, she froze, her heart pounding 
almost painfully in her ears.  Then she turned to face the unknown 
intruder.  Her eyes flitted to her sword but it was put carefully in 
it's glass case where it stayed until she went out on her ventures. 

“Who are you?  Why are you in my home?” her voice did not tremble with
the fear she felt for she had learned, do not show fear, it only 
excites them.  Her head was held high and her blue eyes glared into the 
shadows, defying whomever had snuck into her privacy. 

A man stepped into sight, his green hair in huge spikes off his head and
hazel eyes lined with mascara, he smiled and announced, “My name is 
Mikey, well only to friends, but I'm not the enemy.  Even though this 
looks bad. . . I wanted to help you on your vigilante against the many 
that lurk in the shadows.” 

“I don't need your help,” she relaxed, not because she was but because
she wanted to appear so.  Casually, she grabbed her towel and mopped 
off the sweat that had beaded on her face and turned off her stereo.  
The music had a way of calming her but she wanted to be able to hear if 
there was anybody else lurking in her apartment. 

“Well, I know you don't need it and probably don't want it, but I was
hoping you'd accept it.  See, I have a mission too, though it's 
different than yours.  At least I think it is,” he was pleading and she 
was curious as to why, despite herself, “They took my sister. I know 
she's still alive, but they have her and I know that if I help destroy 
them that I can find her.  But I'm not a fool, I know this is something 
I can't accomplish on my own.” 

“They took your sister?  Consider her already gone, all you can do now
is get revenge and revenge is a very lonely life,” she advised and 
grabbed her water bottle, taking a hearty swig of the refreshing 

Nervously he shifted and looked away, “Well, maybe that's not exactly
the way to put it.  My sister wasn't exactly perfect...” 

“Go on,” she hated playing games, if there was something to be said, it
was better said than played out. 

“She was one of The Hyenas' “dancers”, and she volunteered to go work at
the head man's house, but everyone knows that all everyone who goes 
there never comes back.  Not cause he kills them but cause he gets them 
hooked and they never want to leave.  My sister's better than that, I 
don't want to give up on her,” his voice faltered and she understood 
his pain.  She was still leery of him but his story sounded true and 
she didn't sense any malicious vibes from him. 

“So, what made you come here?” she asked, not hiding any of the distrust
that she felt over that small issue.  It was her home, her one place 
where she could escape from the darkness that breathed in the city and 
it had been invaded.  It was one of those experiences that made her 
wonder if she would ever again feel safe in her fortress again. 

“You saved my sister a couple of weeks ago.  You probably don't remember
it but a couple of men had a dancer in one of the alleys, my sister.  
They were gonna,” he broke off and she thought he wasn't going to 
continue but he did, “They were gonna rape and murder her.  Then she 
said that a dark angel showed up and killed them instead.  She 
described you.  I began trying to find her “dark angel” to thank and I 
finally did but obviously, now, it's for different reasons.  I followed 
you to see if you could help me and when I realized you were exactly 
what I was looking for, I decided to come here and talk to you where 
you were less likely to accidentally kill me.” 

“You think by breaking into my home and laying in wait for me that I was

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