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Captured Freedom part 4 (standard:drama, 376 words)
Author: AAAAAAAhhhhh check it outAdded: Jun 29 2005Views/Reads: 1916/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
same thing as parts one two and three...find parts one and two under the author "Electra"

His eyes slant upwardsif you look at them from just the right
angle.Their piercing sea green color is so different from all the rest. 
The others know not of his haunting beauty, like that of his lady was. 
They all write him off as a killer. But I wait to hate him. I wait for 
the sun to rise on a new day with the words written in the sky saying 
he is guilty. I don't believe he did it. His eyes are not grey like the 
rest; they are so green from being kept wet with tears. I know the look 
of tearful eyes like no other. Besides, there is nothing else to 
believe in in this place. His fingernails are bitten off at the tips 
from stress. He is solitary, a loner not unlike myself. He doesn't let 
the stress show through his face, but the sadness is written there like 
words on a manuscript. I can feel that he tries to rid himself of this 
obsessive pessimism, but in this place all are pessimists. He has been 
pushing this lesson away in the hope of being numb and unfeeling if not 
the least bit happy. But happiness has fled long past, all that is left 
is obsession and pain. And for most, nothing. He knows not how lucky he 
is to feel anything here. I know of his nights, how they are long and 
sleepless. I know how he dreams of her, not of pleasant memories, but 
of that last day burning in his mind. I know how he plays it over and 
over again without trying, but he must give up the hope that the past 
can be changed. 

His sentence is to death. How ironic is fate? Someone who will die would
sooner live than someone who's fate is eternal life. This is testimony 
to the unfairness of life as are many things here and even in the 
outside world. How can he have hope that he will live and hope that he 
will forget her? Only I know that the rest of his life will not carry 
hope, but the resolution that he is condemned. There are too many bad 
things to happen in life for there to be hope.


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