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THE PERFECT ORGASM (standard:fairy tales, 7622 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jun 29 2005Views/Reads: 4382/1619Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

THE PERFECT ORGASM     by Irving Bronsky 

Professor Brugelbagel is the professor of Psychiatry and Sexology at the
best medical school and hospital in the United States.  He has the 
world's greatest collection of sex material in the basement of his 
home. He lives alone in a small, one-story house in the suburbs; his 
office is in the attic, he lives on the ground floor. He has trouble 
keeping his housekeepers though he pays them twice the going rate.  He 
hardly talks to them. He fired several if he thought they were too 
curious about his basement collection. He treats a few patients 
privately and reluctantly goes to the bank when the cash and checks in 
his wall safe overflow.  He writes articles for medical journals and he 
writes books.  The only time he stops working is to eat or sleep. 

He was adopted as a very young baby by a childless couple that was
strict, religious, and aggressive about any kind of sex.   He taught 
himself to read when he was five years old. As he got older he began 
secretly to read about love, intimacy, sex.  He never told his adopted 
parents about his interest in the mind, love, intimacy and sex.  They 
were always telling him to stay away from dirty things like that.  When 
he was a teenager he made a mistake. His parents allowed him to go to a 
movie they thought was safe. There were sex scenes in it and Boff came 
home very excited, sexually stimulated, and confused.  He told his 
parents how he felt.  His step-mother told her husband to beat those 
feelings out of him. He did. 

He had a lonely childhood and adolescence, with isolated experiences of
intimacy: He had a friend for a year, when he was twelve years old;  
then the friend moved away.  He had several teachers who loved him.  
His step-mother showed him warmth only on special occasions.  On 
freezing, stormy, dark winter mornings, before he went to school, she 
made him a treat:  boiling hot cocoa made entirely with milk. Then she 
streaked instant coffee across the foamy top. She filled the cup, 
brimmingly, served it was a smile. 

He is absent-minded about personal things but totally organized in his
work.  He lives to work.  He has no social life, no friends, and no 
hobbies. He works a minimum of twelve hours a day at the hospital. The 
only source of personal satisfaction in his life is helping his 
patients overcome their psychiatric and sexual problems. In the 
terminating session, the extremely sensitive ones might notice the 
shadow of a smile, hear a tiny hum 

He is twenty nine years old when we first meet him, a professional
success and a social failure. Then Babygirl showed up and she shook him 
to the depths of his being.  He lost her, for thirteen years. Then he 
found her again. Who is she? This is her story  and his. 

The request for a psychiatric consultation came from the pediatrician on
duty and the professor's assistant took the call.  "Listen, you must 
come down to the emergency room right away.  There is a newborn baby 
girl who seems to have some kind of a sexual problem."  When the 
psychiatrist didn't respond immediately, the pediatrician continued, 
saying, "She is physically normal.  But I noticed that it touched its 
genitals and then it became quiet for a few seconds.  Could it be 
masturbation or am I dreaming?" 

The psychiatrist knew that all babies have sexually sensitive areas that
include their genitals, anus, mouth, and earlobes.  He said, "I'll have 
to see for myself." He examined the baby and then observed it for half 
an hour and didn't notice anything unusual.  He was beginning to think 
the doctor had imagined something when one of the baby's random 
movements brought her hand to her genitals.  She became very quiet and 
had a peaceful look on her face for a number of seconds. Now he 
wondered if it was some kind of self-satisfaction. "This is a case for 
Professor Brugelbagel."  He called and told him about the baby. 

"Hold everything.  I'll be right down."  If what he thought was true
then the baby girl would be the youngest infant reported who had 
masturbated to orgasm. 

He had reported a case of a three-month-old male baby who had been able
to bring himself to orgasm, without an ejaculation, of course.  It was 
normal for all babies to touch themselves and to enjoy it.  It was part 
of the self-discovery of normal growth and development. On the 

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