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Our Situation (standard:poetry, 300 words)
Author: Virtual AdeptAdded: Jan 25 2001Views/Reads: 2949/1676Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A wake up call for all of you conformists and mainstream thinkers.

Our Situation 


At Night, we sit 

Watching news 

Hearing the stories 

Of the religious wars 

Fought for so long 

No one remembers why 

People are slaughtering each other 

Instead Of celebrating their faith 

No one can hear the ancient 

Messages left by icons 

Over the volley of 



In America 

The supposed land of the free 

Religious Freedom, 

Doesn't exist 

In the minds of the majority 

I knew a kid 

Who saw things differently 

This young man was ordered 

To conceal the symbol 

Of Spirituality he kept 

Because it made Christians 


Facist, brainwashed Christians 

Their ways are slowly dying 

They either see this 

Or are too blind to notice 

The other religions will never forget 

Past misdeeds 

One day, they won't tolerate 

Oppression anymore 

There will be a great uprising 

The old religions will be 

Restored to their rightful places 

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