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The Gothic Ballerina Part 6 (standard:science fiction, 1158 words) [6/8] show all parts
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: Jul 09 2005Views/Reads: 1262/871Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Broken by the vision of her lost brother, Echo sinks into a dark depression but Mikey comes to the rescue.

It seemed like a miracle that they made it back to her home, her mind in
a daze, reeling from the vision that had graced her sight.  Her 
brother, JonJon, it had been him!!!  There was no doubt in her mind.  
It didn't seem real, it had been so many years since she had seen him 
and yet he didn't look much different than the day that he had 

Once in her house, she peeled out of her blood crusted clothes and
crawled into the shower.  The warm water soothed her and she sank into 
a ball, letting the water beat upon her.  The tears fell again and she 
began to cry.  Just when she felt that she was able to move on with her 
life, a wrench was thrown in to screw everything up.  Unsure of how 
much time she had spent in there, she got out when the water began to 
run cold. 

Forgetting about her guests, she walked out with her towel wrapped
around her body.  Mikey sat on one end of her couch and Kitty sat on 
the other, the blanket still wrapped around her.  There was a heavy 
silence hanging on the air and she had the feeling that they had yelled 
at each other again.  It was probably neccessary and she pretended that 
she had no idea it had occurred. 

Kitty stood up when she walked out and approached her, "Do you have any
clothes I could borrow and do you mind if I take a shower?" 

"Go ahead and I'll find you something.  I don't think they'll fit you
just right but they'll work," she pointed her in the direction of 
towels then went over to her dresser.  For a moment, she thought about 
grabbing her clothes and hiding in the closet to change.  Then she 
threw out her humility and dropped her towel. Quicky she looked over 
her shoulder to see if he was looking at her, but he was staring at the 
floor, giving her her space. 

"That man riding away on the motorcycle was my brother," she waited for
a response but he didn't give her one, "He disappeared when I was about 
twelve, he felt that he belonged with them or something.  Anyway, I 
haven't seen him since and I don't know, I kind of thought of him as 
dead.  Now, I'm feeling strange, like I want to go see him and yet I 
don't.  I just don't know what to think." 

"Maybe you could get him out of there like you got Kitty out," he
replied and she could feel his eyes on her now clothed back. 

"He's been in too long and anyway, he left our family after they'd been
fighting for several years to make things better.  He did know what he 
wanted and it was to be on the bad side.  I just would like to know 
why, and make sure that he didn't have anything to do with my 
parents'..." catching herself from speaking about their deaths, she 
continued, "With their events."  It wasn't a good save and she knew it, 
but she didn't feel he needed to know what went down, not yet. 

"Their events?" he inquired, and she turned to face him, wishing she
hadn't slipped up. 

"Questions, remember, you're not supposed to ask questions," she
insisted and walked over to sit next to him, being semi-social, which 
was a big deal for her. 

He rolled his eyes, "Always afraid of the answers?  I can ask questions
now, we rescued Kitty." 

"I could just kick you out," it was a hollow threat and somehow, they
both knew it.  Had he pushed her the day before, she would have kicked 
him out in a heart beat.  Now, though, she couldn't have.  For some 
strange reason, she almost needed them there, both Mikey and his 

"Yeah you could but I'd still be asking questions.  What happened to
you?  Tell me, you can trust me," his hazel eyes held hers and she 
found herself feeling that she had to speak despite herself. 

"My dad used to be on the police force until he tried to oust a bad cop.
Ended up the entire force was corrupt so they bullied my dad off.  Him 
and my mother tried to fight back but it didn't work real well. My 
brother, Jonathon, didn't agree with them and when I was twelve, he 

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This is part 6 of a total of 8 parts.
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