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Accidental Secret (standard:drama, 1542 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jul 09 2005Views/Reads: 2230/1272Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A storey about how hurtfull secrets can be to the teller and the listener.

Secret Service By Sean 

When I was in school I was a great liar or storey teller as my parents
preferred to say. I guess it didn't really roll of the tongue when my 
mother was talking to her friends, oh my sons a liar I guess when you 
say storey teller it provides people with a higher statute of you. When 
I was in high school I was a great liar I could make my teachers 
believe that it was at home or that I didn't get any homework. It was a 
rather trivial matter now I think about it but at the time it seemed 
like a life and death situation like anything did when we were 14. I 
remember getting a phone call, and someone telling me a roomer about on 
of my friends. I remember agreeing not to tell anyone I promised I 
would never tell. I remember the next day when I was talking to one of 
my other friends it just slipped out, I didn't mean to tell them it 
just slipped out. I tried to apologize to both of my friends but none 
of them would listen. I felt so bad I didn't know what to do, I 
remember coming to school the next day scared out of my mind because I 
didn't know what was going to happen, would everyone know, would 
everyone hate me, would my friends hate me? So many questions I knew I 
wouldn't like the answer to some of them, most of them in fact but I 
forced myself to go to school, I thought that if I could smooth things 
over with my friends everything would be ok, like other time when we 
fought but this was different, I had betrayed there trust I understand 
that now. I am so sorry for betraying there trust. I felt bad the whole 
day I couldn't stand to look at them or rather they couldn't stand to 
look at me. I thought I could give them some time to cool down. So 
about a week later I called one of them and we had a conversation over 
the phone, it reduced me to tears, my friends said that I had betrayed 
her trust, that my promises meant nothing anymore and hung up on me. I 
felt so sad I was sitting in my bed crying. I eventually cried my self 
to sleep. I remember waking up on Saturday morning, me and my friends 
would go to the movies on Saturday or Sunday, but I don't think it will 
be happened this weekend. I decided to call one of my friends that went 
to a different school but even she blew me off. I think at that moment 
even the sun shinning though the window on a Saturday morning couldn't 
cheer me up. I managed to walk downstairs my mother had made me some 
pancakes to try and make me feel better but it wasn't working I was sad 
all day. I dreaded Monday morning because I knew I would have to face 
my school friends, it was science I remember standing up in front of 
the class me and my “ex' friends as they said, they started to talk the 
teacher said who helped you with this and they ignored me they said I 
did nothing and they called me a fucking cunt I ran out crying. I 
remember tears in my eyes as I ran out and heard the laughter of my 
class mates, as everything slowly went black. I got off my bed and 
walked over to the window and I got up to look outside it was raining 
heavily which didn't improve my mood at all, I noticed my feet were 
getting wet and I noticed that the window was open and as I closed it I 
remember how bad these last few weeks have actually were. I heard my 
mother yelling for me to get downstairs I shot a fast look at the 
digital alarm next to my bed and it said 12:00, I ran downstairs 
hitting my foot on the ballast rate and ending up a heap on the floor 
at the end of the stair case. As I slowly and sadly walked into the 
kitchen my mother kept asking me what's wrong, and I just told her to 
leave it. It was a sad day for me I sat in front of the TV, no phone 
calls no sms. I felt so disconnected from the world, so disconnected 
from my friends. My parents had gone out to dinner so I was there alone 
my mother had made me some dinner but I chose not to eat it. It had 
gone all soggy as food does when it is reheated several times. I sat 
down in the lounge room and turned on the TV, there was nothing on, I 
would usually be talking to my friends right now, I would usually be 
planning when to wag school or what to do on Friday night. But I was 
sitting here all alone watching tele, god my life sucked. At about 
11:30pm my parents still went home so I decided to go to bed, as I 
slowly and drowsily walked up the stairs I turned on the light which 
became blindingly bright but as my eyes adjusted I saws the same old 
room, with the same old bed that just last night I had cried my self to 
sleep. I slowly crawled on my bed reviewing everything that had 
happened the past few weeks loosing all my friends, being called mean 
names in front of everyone all because of one lousy roomer, if she 
hadn't called me, if I hadn't acted, but I have and I can't undo what I 
have done. I lost my friends there trust and there guidance. The light 
is blinding as I open my eyes and shut then closed quickly. It's the 
morning I run down stairs to see if my parents are home and there not, 
no mother saying good morning to me, or father to take me to school, I 
tried calling them both on there mobiles to no success. As I walk down 

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