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A Goodbye (standard:other, 555 words)
Author: awenyddionAdded: Jul 23 2005Views/Reads: 2050/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If there is such a thing as fate, this is not it.

“There really isn't much to tell” she said as they walked quickly
through Saint Catherine. She flicked her ebony hair to the side 
impatiently and pulled her jacket close to her chest. The wind was 
picking up again and becoming insufferable. “You called last night and 
told me that there was something important for me to know.” He pulled 
at her arm and tried to make her slow down. She pulled at her arm 
frustrated more then she could express. How to tell him about her 
dream, about their fate? 

There they stood in the middle of a crowed sidewalk in the heart of
central Montreal having an impossible discussion about the impossible. 
About what was inside her. He looked inside her black eyes and didn't 
see anything. Pushing is cigarette away from his mouth and letting out 
the smoke into the chilly air. She pulled the case she held in her arms 
closer to her body. ”So,” he looked down upon her once more, frustrated 
with the mystery behind her guarded demeanor. ”I can't tell you.” She 
finally said sighing. I wasn't the answer that he expected from the 

They had known each other since they were babies. They had a connection
that was incomprehensible to many around them yet they had it none the 
less. He dreamt about her from his small town and had followed his 
fantasies to the busy city in Quebec. To search for a dream. Because 
that was what she was, a dream from his lost childhood. But to his 
shock, he found her walking around one afternoon near the port. 
Watching the water with her dark black poles, lost in a place behind 
her reason. He had approached her to see, if the vision was real. To 
make sure that the girl was not a ghost to torment his inner being. And 
she turned knowingly and smiled. Since then they were inseparable, 
Until last night. For the first time in his life he felt the bond with 
her sever. Something had broken between them and now. He was trying to 
understand what went wrong. 

She on the other hand, guarded herself from him. It was a mistake to
have linked him into her life as a child and now she was going to have 
to say good-bye to him forever. She wanted to find the courage before 
their final ado's. 

She put down the case and gave him one final hug, filling her senses
with his musky and smoky sent for one final time. He felt her in his 
arms, without knowing what was happening inside her, but he also felt 
that it was the final time that they would meet. ”I will call you this 
afternoon and we will talk then. “ He flicked the cigarette to the 
floor and pressed it down with his foot. She nodded to please him.  
Turning she made her way down the street and felt the tears fall down 
as she heard the screams, and the crash as the trolley fell from the 
forth story building. She felt as her life force fell out of her, and 
her heart was torn in two. Breathing was no longer a function and pain 
replaced what was once loved. As the curse of her family claimed he who 
she once gave her heart to. 


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