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A New Beginning (standard:fantasy, 2169 words)
Author: MelodyAdded: Jan 27 2001Views/Reads: 2592/1598Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a young girl living under the cruel thumb of a common street thug, and what happens to her.

A New Begining 

Seluna took a deep breath and stepped into the blackness of the narrow
alleyway. Her dainty bare feet made not a sound as she hurried through 
the darkness toward an old rundown building at the end of the back 
street. She could feel the unseen eyes upon her as she half walked; 
half ran finally reaching her destination. Seluna knocked on the small 
plain door, and then jumped back as it slowly creaked open a half an 

"What be the word?" the voice from within asked. " I...ah..." in her
nervousness the young girl had nearly forgotten the phrase Prowen had 
told her would gain her admittance. "Ye knows it or ye don'ts" the 
voice was beginning to sound agitated. Seluna's sharp mind suddenly 
clicked and her voice came unwaveringly through the inky blackness. 
"The moon shines round and bright this night" she smiled slightly to 
herself as the door swung wide allowing her inside. 

Seluna stepped through the darkened entrance and waited while her eyes
adjusted to the dimly lit room. A raspy voice at her shoulder gave her 
a start. "Yer here to see Reybur aint ye?' Seluna could only nod mutely 
and hope her expression did not belie the disgust she was feeling upon 
looking at the rat-faced man before her. He had only one good eye, the 
other nothing more than a hollowed out socket. He chortled at Seluna's 
expression, a dribble of spittle running out of the corner of his mouth 
and down his chin. " I'll fetch him fer ye." The man shuffled off as 
Seluna inwardly cringed. As she waited, she took in the surroundings 
her eyes having become accustomed to the gloom. She could make out the 
sparse furnishings, a battered but sturdy looking table in the middle 
of the room. The only light source came from the large candle that was 
sitting in its center. Three chairs were haphazardly placed around it, 
and a black doorway yawned in the far corner. 

It was to that doorway that her attention was now turned. Through the
opening stepped Prowen followed by one whom she assumed to be Reybur. 
Prowen walked to her a cold smile on his lips. “Good thing ye showed 
this eve Seluna.” He grabbed her arm and shoved her down onto one of 
the chairs. She winced as her knee bumped the table but knew better 
than to voice any complaints. “Now Prowen, that is no way to treat my 
guest.” Reybur’s silky smooth voice cut through the gloom of the small 
chamber. He bowed politely to Seluna. “ I am Reybur and this humble 
abode is mine. I am so glad you could join us this eve.” His smile was 
devoid of warmth and it gave his handsome face a severity. With a fluid 
grace he seated himself opposite her. Prowen scowled, accentuating the 
jagged scar running across his forehead, as he grunted and sat down 
next to Seluna. 

Reybur steepled his fingers and raked his gaze over the girl before him,
taking her in from the top of her head down to her scantily clad body. 
She sat with her slender arms wrapped about herself as if fearing 
attack from someone. Her long, thick, dark hair hung down her back, 
curling slightly at its ends. Her expressive, dark eyes framed by 
sooty, full lashes were demurely downcast. Her figure was lithe but 
curvaceous and her scant clothing left little to the imagination. 
Reybur’s first thought was that this girl looked more like a follower 
of Sune Firehair, the goddess of beauty, than Prowen’s plaything. 

Seluna shivered unconsciously under the scrutiny and glanced at Prowen.
“Now then,” came Reybur’s smooth voice diverting her attention. “Prowen 
has told me much of you and your talents my dear.” His cold eyes 
continued to watch Seluna. 

“I aint real sure what yer talking about Mr. Reybur.” She kept her eyes
downcast a soft blush staining her cheeks. Prowen guaffed and slapped 
Seluna’s thigh. 

“He’s talking about yer dancing and persuasive ability girlie. I didn’t
tell him about the other stuff.” He laughed again his eyes wandering 
appreciatively over her form. Seluna blushed deeply and lifted her eyes 
to Reybur. 

“What is it yer a wantin from me cause I knowed ye wouldn’t have called
me here if ye didn’t want something.” 

Reybur chuckled softly. “Prowen and I have decided to make use of your

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