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on duty (standard:non fiction, 513 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Aug 23 2005Views/Reads: 2394/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a security supervisor works a dangerous acount ware gang members jump his oficers becus of there drug induced foolishness

It was a cold and rainey day in october of 1995, and I was on foot
patrole  of an acount I had just made supervisor of in cleveland ohio, 
I had just finished a corse in stick manuvers, we carried batons and 
other weapens when on patrole, two of my gards had ben injered in 
conflicts with local gang members, hence this was a dangerous place to 
patrole. I was doing my rounds around the mall when lightning blew the 
lights in the stores so all but two stores closed for the day except 
for  a video store and a coffee house. The coffe house was a hot area 
for patenchal problumbs so I went in to get sumthing to drink and and 
to have a look around, becus the power was out it was dark back by the 
bathrooms in the back of the shop so I walked back by the bathrooms and 
used my mag flashlight to help the custamers see to walk to the 
bathrooms and about ten minits went by, and then fore people entered 
the shop, two men and two woman, they all seamed to be under the 
influance of drugs and or alcahol, witch was there buisness untill they 
started abuseing custamers, the manadger grabed one of the men and 
pushed him out the door of the shop and then the yung man walked back 
in the shop so Iinstructed the owner of the shop to call the police at 
this time, then the yung men walked up to me and started swaring at me 
so I informed them they had to leave the shop, then one of the men said 
what are you going to do hit us with your flashlight? I agin instructed 
him that they had to go, by this time I had drawn my baton and held it 
behinde my back so they dident see it, they continued to protest to 
leaving and a third time I asked them to leave peacefully, one of them 
charged me so I struck him in the arm with the baton and the blow 
nocked him into the wall behind him, then the other man charged me and 
I gave him a nice hard wack with the baton nocking him back aginst the 
wall, then the first man charged me agin and I swung for his arm but he 
ducked and the baton struck him in the side of the head, that blow culd 
have ben fatel and I prais god that it wasent, I barley missed his 
timple and the blow cut a three inch gash over his rite eye and he spun 
around and went down to the floor, the other man when he saw the blood 
cried out dont hit him agin and was scared to fite me then, I yelled 
stay down,and then the first man jumped to his feet and tried to kick 
me so I swep his leg with the baton and he went down agin. shortly 
after this the police arived on sean and took over, thank God. the end


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