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unfinished (standard:other, 688 words)
Author: Kneeling RosesAdded: Aug 31 2005Views/Reads: 5845/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
man gets mysterious call in the middle of the night and his dog (who he is very close to) is missing...

“Ring,” “Ring”... “Ring.” I felt around in the dark for the phone,
guiding my hand with my ears as if I were blind... “Ring, Ring.” “Damn 
it!” “Where the hell is it?” I asked myself. I was very reluctant to 
open my eyes, knowing that if I did that it would only take longer to 
fall back to sleep. “Ring, ring.” “UGGH!!!” I sat up and opened my 
eyes; I was able to make out the dark shadow of the receiver 
contrasting the pale yellow of the wall behind it, I reached down for 
the phone, and the very moment my fingers extended to grasp it, it 
stopped ringing! “Flippin-a!” I exclaimed as I tossed the phone towards 
the foot of the bed. “Wonder who that was...” I added as I sank back 
down into my pillow. I had caller ID but was too tired to go looking 
for the phone now, there's no telling where it landed. And as I drifted 
back off to sleep, my heart slowing itself back to normal, I thought to 
myself, “I hope it wasn't Mr. Edwards wanting me to come into the 
office today, cause I'm sure as hell not going, I'm supposed to be on 
vacation and nothings gonna ruin it for me!” 

“Ring, Ring...” “DAMN IT!” I was insistent on not opening my eyes this
time, I felt around with my feet at the foot of the bed knowing it had 
landed somewhere in that area. “Ah-hah!” “Gotcha!” I braced the phone 
between the bed and the inside of my foot and slid it up the bed to 
where I could reach it w/ my hand. I answered it... 

“Hello?” I said clearing my throat. A mysterious voice on the other end
of the line said, “It's three a.m. Saturday morning... Do you know 
where your dog is?” “What?” “Who is this?” I asked in frustration. 
“Click.” “Hello?” Hello?!” “Beeep... Beep, beep, beep, beep...” The 
line went dead. UGGH!! I threw the phone back to the foot of the bed. 
“Damned kids and there prank calls!” “Who in their right mind would be 
making a prank call at 3 o'clock in the morning for Gods sake?” I asked 
myself as I stared at the ceiling lying on my back. I knew it was a 
prank... it had to be... I just saw Rocky not but an hour ago. I put 
him out right before I went to bed. That's right, Rocky's in the 
backyard, probably still sleeping... “Isn't he?” I asked myself out 
loud. I couldn't sleep. A voice in the back of my head was screaming at 
me to get up and find out. 

I rolled out of bed and paced across the room to the window. I pulled up
the blinds and peered out into the darkness... I couldn't see a thing. 
I unlatched the window locks, lifted it open and called for my beloved 
companion. “Rocky!”... “Rocky?!” “Hey buddy... Come on...” “Where are 
you buddy?” I whispered to myself. “This is insane!” I said pitching my 
robe across my back. I went to the garage and grabbed a mini-spotlight 
from the shelf, then ventured into the backyard... “Rocky?!” “Rocky, 
here boy!” I yelled piercing the dark with a beam of light that I 
weaved back and forth across my half acre lawn. 

“Rrruff, Ruff, Ruff!” I heard it sharply out of my right ear. “Rocky?” I
ran around the side of the house where the bark came from. “Is that 
you?” I turned the corner, and with that a huge dark creature leapt up 
at me, only to be stopped by a chain link fence in between us... 
“Rrruff, Ruff, Ruff!” I had mistaken the neighbor's dog's bark with 
Rocky's. “Hey buddy... have you seen Rocky anywhere?” I reached over 
the fence and gave him a scratch behind the ears. Just then my 
spotlight went out... I stupidly looked into the light and started to 
bang it on the side. It recovered and was shining right into my eyes, I 
dropped the light in pain and stumbled backward tripping over a loose 
rock in the dirt. 


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