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Inhale (standard:horror, 1109 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: Sep 19 2005Views/Reads: 2339/1738Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Being bored in a small town is a dangerous game, even more so when Debra hooks up with Irene and Michael, two of the most beautiful people she's ever laid eyes upon. Their beauty hides a deadly power that threatens everything she knows.

Ryan cried out helplessly from the other end of the tunnel, "Don't
breathe it in Debra, don't inhale!"  His voice seemed miles away, the 
earth between them swallowing his voice.  Irene stood in front of her, 
the dark blue eyes that had once seemed so friendly now filled with a 
terrifying hunger.  As she blew a fine powder from her fingertips into 
Debra's face and she couldn't help but breathe it in, she thought of 
when she had first laid eyes on Irene and Michael. 

It had been another boring day at Denny's, the usual people dining and
ordering the same thing.  She's been a waitress for only three months 
and yet it seemed as if she had spent her whole life there.  It didn't 
look like she'd ever be leaving either as she wasn't making enough to 
pay for college like she had hoped.  Outside the summer sun threatened 
to cook the pavement and anything that dared to set foot upon it. 

She felt like a robot, going through the motions but not really feeling
them or caring for them.  Mr. Henry, the owner of the lumber store down 
the road, smiled at her, batting his droopy eyelids at her.  Every day 
he came in and attempted to flirt with her, as if she would ever give a 
man old, enough to be her father, the time of the day.  However, she 
would flirt back and be tipped generously and today wasn't any 
different.  She grinned back and asked him about the shop, the words 
automatically pouring from her lips. 

The bell at the door tinkled and she didn't even look up, just someone
else to take care of.  She was vaguely aware of Carolyn taking the new 
customers to a table in her section and she made a mental note, someone 
else to subject her humor too. 

When she got done with Mr. Henry, she turned around and stopped, two of
the most stunning people she had ever laid eyes on were sitting at her 
table, quietly talking to each other.  The woman had dark brown hair 
twisted into a bun with pearls in it on the back of her head, dark blue 
eyes, and perfect skin, not a single blemish.  Her breasts were perfect 
beneath a tight blue t-shirt that had black lips upon it.  The man had 
dark red hair, soft gray eyes, an attractive smattering of freckles 
across his nose and cheeks, and the most kissable lips she'd ever seen. 
 His muscular body was barely hidden beneath the black t-shirt he wore. 

Their incredible good looks made her self concious of her greasy blonde
hair thrown in a two second pony tail and of the acne scars scattered 
here and there across her face.  Why did they have to come in during 
the slow hour when there was no one but her to take care of them?  It 
wasn't fair and she hurried to the counter to deliver the order she had 

Her first impression of the two had been that they were a couple, but
after she'd found the nerve to get their orders, she had realized there 
was no way.  There was something between them that said distinctly they 
were not together as lovers, maybe friends or even siblings, though she 
doubted that.  The girl's voice was warm and throaty, inviting even 
while the guy's voice had been kind of cold yet still sexy.  After 
taking their orders, for the rest of their time there, she was watching 
them out of the corner of her eye, undeniably drawn to them. 

When they got up to pay for their meal, Carolyn was on her break, so
quickly, Debra hurried up and took their reciept, not looking them in 
the eyes.  She was intimidated, almost frightened by such beauty and 
felt that she was unworthy to look directly upon them. 

That was when the girl spoke after eyeing her nametag, "Hey Debra, we're
staying here for a while, visiting some family and are bored out of our 
bloody minds.  Do you know of anything to do?" 

"Um," she stammered, "No, not really.  My friends, the Washers, are
having a party tonight but they don't know you and uh..." She let the 
sentence fall off, what had she been planning on saying?  It was just 
as if the words had tumbled out of her mouth without her thinking 
connected to it.  She hadn't even planned on going to the party, the 
Washer brothers, Jack and Steven, were sexist pigs whose parties were 
about, sex, drugs, and booze. 

"Well, do you mind us tagging along?  I know it's rude to invite
ourselves, but I'm going crazy not doing anything.  My friend here, 

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