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Not Another Sound (standard:drama, 341 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Sep 25 2005Views/Reads: 2613/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The same matched pair with more space.

Not Another Sound 

A rough hand covers Mary's nose and mouth.  A deep heavily accented
voice declares, "Make not another sound so you will not be hurt.  If 
you scream or call out great pain will come to you."  Wide sticky tape 
covers her mouth and the freed large rough hand gropes her breast and 
stomach.  The traveling hand assails her ankles tying first one then 
the other with what feels like panty hose. 

Mary rips the tape from her mouth "Judas H Priest Jimmie this damned
tape smells like rotten fish and WD40!" 

"What?"  Ask Jimmie all trace of accent and threat gone from his voice. 

I said the tape really smells awful.  Let's just forget this game and
go to sleep." 

Go to sleep!  But you promised we could do it tonight if I played the
tape game," 

The hurt tone of his voice tells Mary he knows with certainty tonight
has just become only for sleeping.  She fluffs the pillows, folds down 
the blanket, and then while he watches her carefully and sensually 
smoothes the lower sheet free of wrinkles before patting a spot 
alongside her. 

Jimmie switches off the rooms single lamp and takes his place near her. 
He lies near but not touching, then after only a brief interval 
snuggles closer to complete forming their favorite two spoons sleeping 

"I'm sorry Jimmie but that fish smell was just too much." 

"That's OK I should have gotten new duct tape instead of using that
piece of an old roll from the fishing tackle box."  "Not to worry Mary 
there is always tomorrow!" 

She knew he was doing his mischievous little boy grin there in the dark.
 To avoid being out done Mary answers softly, "No tomorrow won't do for 
the tape and tying game.  I have already made plans to do Mary the sex 
starved student nurse with a warm oil treatment for your belly button 

Then with not another sound, they fall asleep, fitting perfectly
together like matched spoons in a satin lined case. 


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