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A piece of her (standard:poetry, 299 words)
Author: Nathan Scot TaylorAdded: Oct 06 2005Views/Reads: 1952/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What I really felt about her.

Hey, you see that girl. 

I got a piece of her. 

Hey, you see that hot leggy, brunette. 

I got a piece of her. 

Not her body, not the physical. 

Naw, that's easy, just a few lies and a little booze. 

I got her soul 

I saw who she really was. 

I saw into her. 

I felt her. 

I touched her, right in her heart. 

And in that moment, you can't help but fall in love with her. 

That little piece of who she was. 

Why she did what she did. 

What she hoped for, 

What she was afraid of. 

And in that moment, I understood her. 

I didn't realize how precious it was, not at the time. 

but when you see that deep, you fall in love. 

I saw her, I knew her. 

In ways she would never be able to show someone else, I got her. 

The whole deal, the heart. 

And I doubt I'll ever quit loving her. 

Not with some little piece of my heart. 

I guess she got a little piece of who I am, too. 

And it hurts some times, some times I wanta quit. 

Cause she's long gone to me, now. 

I don't know that she even thinks about me, not anymore. 

But I'm always going to remember her. 

I'm always going to have a little piece of her. 

Cause I saw who she was, and it was so bueatifull. 

It just filled up your heart, made you not want anything more. 

Cause you saw that, when felt that, you didn't think there could be 

anything more. 

It didn't even cross your mind that there could be anything more. 

And I hope she's happy now, I hope she's found what I'm looking for. 

Because I can't imagine anyone more deserving of it. 


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