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Heather (standard:Psychological fiction, 2195 words)
Author: Devin B. WielandAdded: Oct 13 2005Views/Reads: 2104/1216Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Heather went missing three days ago. Ellen wants to search for Heather, but the man that claims to love her is holding her back. Can she trust him? Can she trust herself?


Part 1 

She got to her knees and reached for the doorknob. But, like last time,
she came up short, and her body hit the ground. Her chin took most of 
the impact. She couldn't take this much longer. She knew it, and he 
knew it, too. But he wouldn't stop. Every time she got up to reach for 
the door and get out of that house, to go as far away as she could get, 
he would grab her by the ankles and pull her back. This time, she fell 
to her stomach and he pulled her across the room, further away from the 
door. Her skin screeched as her body was dragged across the wooden 

"Give up, Ellen. Come sit over here, next to me." 

She hated him more then ever when he tried to sweet talk her. It was
like he thought that she still needed him. But he could get and leave 
for good, and she would be better for it. If he didn't leave, then she 
would, like she was trying to now. 

She didn't even look at him when he spoke to her. Instead, she kicked
her feet to free them of his grip, then lunged towards the door again. 
This time, she got close enough to see her reflection in the window. 
She'd never seen herself look like she did that night. Her black hair 
was strung over her face, and her clothes hung limply from her body, 
wet with sweat. But she looked into her own eyes, and it gave her hope. 
Not because there was anything hopeful about her situation, but because 
her own eyes reminded her of Heather's eyes. 

This time, he didn't tease her by dragging her across the ground.
Instead, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her to make her 
stop struggling. 

"How long will you go on like this?" His lips were close to her ears and
he almost whispered the words. But she wouldn't let him have his 
calming effect on her, not this time. "As long as it takes. Get your 
hands off me and let me go." "Let you go where, Ellen? I can't let you 
leave like this, look at you!" "How I look isn't your problem. Tell me 
where she is and let me go to her." All the energy in Ellen's body 
could do nothing against Mark's hold on her. "You know I don't like to 
get physical with you. Don't make me do it again." He was lying. He 
loved dragging her across the floor, and waiting for her to get back up 
so he could do it again. She suspected that he had enjoyed whatever he 
had done to Heather just as much. 

"What do I have to do for you to tell me where Heather is?" Ellen asked.
He squeezed her tighter. "I can't breathe!" "You haven't been able to 
breathe for three days, Ellen." "That was when you took her, three days 
ago." "Ellen! Ellen, just be quiet. Just sit here and be quiet. Come 
read this page again, it helps you." 

His attempts at comfort were disgusting to her. She snatched the
notebook from his hands and threw it aside, not even glancing at what 
was on the pages. He kept his face close to her's, and he wouldn't let 
her back away. Now and then she would feel his unshaven face rub 
against her cheek. 

She stopped struggling when she realized that she would need to try
another tactic to find out where her daughter was. Mark held her close. 
As if he could still love her, and she still love him in return. 

They sat with their backs against the kitchen stove. Ellen hadn't sat in
a chair for three days, not since Mark took Heather. But all of that 
seemed so far away now. What had Jack done? What was she angry with him 
for? Of course, had taken Heather from her, but what had he done with 
her? Mark's convincing exterior was blurring the facts even in Ellen's 

She heard a clock sound in the dining room. She turned around to look at
the digital readout on the microwave. It was 4:00 A.M. Even as she read 
the clock, she felt her exhaustion set in. Her lack of sleep began to 
affect her all at once. 

Her memory would only recall the past few hours, but she remembered

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