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The Sieze (standard:fantasy, 10792 words)
Author: A. SantanaAdded: Oct 28 2005Views/Reads: 1846/1256Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres, fighting with magical personnel.

There was a knock at the door.  Arzon raised his head and his pulse
seemed to pound in his brain.  He opened his mouth and a dry croak fell 
out.  He tried again, “Go .. Away.”   He croaked.  The door opened and 
a small wiry man with specta-cles came in.  “Pardon me lock Argon.  I 
don't mean to intrude, but Sheriff Alister is calling on all 
able-bodied men and women to present themselves before the inn.  I 
think he means to set off for the hills again this morning.” 

Arzon stood up too quickly and felt a wave of faintness come over him
before the blood managed to catch up with his head.  He began to change 
out of his nightclothes (pajamas) and said over his shoulder, “I'll be 
down as soon as I'm dressed.  “The other man shut the door behind him 
and could be heard clopping down the stairs. 

Arzon's head continued to thump from a concussion he suffered on their
last trip to the hills a couple weeks ago.  He had been knocked 
unconscious from behind by a club wielding orc.  The others in his 
group had fought off the orcs and dragged him to safety.  He awake 
outside the orc caves with a cut and a goose egg lump on his head.  He 
had been able to ride home with everyone else. 

Arzon left his room and made his way down the stairs.  The common room
was bustling with Alister's volunteer merce-naries all slowly making 
their way to the outer door.  He emerged after a few minutes into the 
bright sunlight.  The piercing light seemed to split his skull..As the 
group assembled, Arzon made his way to the very small group of priests 
and magic users.  “How's your head?”  A young disciple of the Highgod 

“It feels like it is going to split open.” 

“I can make some tea that should make you feel better.  I am already
packed so I can make it while everyone else gets his or her things 
ready.  I'm Weston, by the way. 

“I would appreciate that, disciple Weston.”  There were about fifty men
and women assembled in front of the inn.  Most were fighters and 
archers, but there was one child of darkness, a witch, a warlock 
(Arzon), a priest and two disciples of the Highgod.  Alister and one of 
his deputies stood before the group.  Alister began to address them. 

Good day, sirs and ma'am.  As you all know we have had three successful
attempts to clear the orcs and goblins and whatever else godless things 
live in those caves.  We have cleared out four of the caves thus far.  
There are another two caves on the northern borders of Urdak.  We will 
be clearing out these two caves and, double-checking, the other four 
caves to ensure nothing hostile has been left alive and kicking in 

“Be quick and pack what you need so we can reach the hills before
nightfall.  I expect us to leave in the next half hour so don't 

The mercenaries and others shuffled back to the inn.  Arzon packed his
things quickly and headed back downstairs.  He saw disciple Weston 
sitting at a table with a couple of steaming mugs in front of him.  He 
gestured for Arzon to take a seat, and pushed a mug of tea in front of 
Arzon.  “Drink it while it's hot.”  Arzon sipped the tea.  It scalded 
his tongue, but it felt good going down.  It may have been his 
imagination, but a feeling of wellness seemed to overflow him and the 
throb-bing in his head subsided. 

“That works quickly.  What's in it?” “Black tea, Green tea, Sharproot,
Brown speckled fungus, Brown leaf tobacco, and Kaffee berries.” 

“We'd better be going.”  “You're right about that.” They grabbed their
bundles and looked at the stairs as the witch came down.  She carried 
in her hands save a single large tome.  At her left were a number of 
bags and other things suspended in the air on a shimmering 
semi-transparent disk.  It stayed at the level of her waist. 

“You've seen witch Olga's floating disk before haven't you?” “Yes, I
believe I have, Arzon.  But why don't you use this spell to carry your 
baggage?” “I prefer to save all of my magic for the battle.” “I see.” 

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