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Buster Brown Bear (standard:fairy tales, 2336 words)
Author: NonaBeeAdded: Nov 04 2005Views/Reads: 2514/1364Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a humorous tale about four animal friends, animals who are preparing for a Thanksgiving dinner at a fancy restaurant. The problem is, Buster Brown Bear does not have any manners when it comes to dining; so his friends has 4 days to get him ready s

Buster Brown Bear 

Once upon a time, there were four animal friends; Mandy Mouse, who was
the school teacher; Rock-o Raccoon, the Barber; Bushy Tail Squirrel, 
the nut cracker and last but not least, Buster Brown Bear, who didn't 
do much of anything, except eat, and be a slob. They all lived together 
in Animal Town, along with some other fine, furry creatures, big and 
small. It was Saturday morning when Mandy came knocking on Bushy Tail's 
front door. 

“Good morning, Bushy Tail,” said Mandy in her small squeaky voice. 

“You are up early this morning,” said Bushy Tail. “You must have a big
day planned,” he said as he opened his screen door to let her in. 

“Yes, I do have something planned,” she said sounding a bit excited as
she began to explain. “I wanted to share the great news with you first, 
to see what you thought of the idea. 

“Well, what is it?” asked Bushy Tail. 

“I am thinking of having a big, formal dinner party for Thanksgiving,
and everyone is invited,” said Mandy. 

“That sounds splendid,” said Bushy Tail. “What do you want me to bring?”

“Nothing,” said Mandy. “I'm going to have it at the Fancy Restaurant,
they do all the cooking, which leaves us to have more fun and enjoy 

“Oh yes, that is a marvelous idea. No dishes to wash either,” said the
squirrel. “I do like the way you think and plan.” 

“But, there is one thing,” said Mandy as she hesitated just a little.
“Everyone has to be on their best behavior, and since it is a formal 
dinner party, I want everyone to dress up and use their manners when 
they dine at the restaurant.” 

“Well, this dinner party of yours sounds grand. It should be nice,” said
the squirrel. “I haven't been to a dinner party like this before. I 
will have to buy a new tie.” 

“But, there is a problem,” said Mandy. “What are we going to do about
Buster Brown Bear? You know he has no manners, he is just plain gross 
when it comes to eating; always dripping honey everywhere,” said Mandy 
shaking her head. “You know he grabs at everything and just crams it 
into his mouth. That is not the kind of behavior you have when you are 
dining at the Fancy Restaurant. I think he will embarrass us all.” 

“Well, just don't invite him,” said Bushy Tail. 

“We can't do that, he is our friend,” Mandy replied. 

“So, what do we do?” 

“Teach him some dinning etiquette,” said Mandy. “We have to teach him
some manners.” 

“How do we do that?” Bushy Tail asked. “No one has ever tried before.” 

“That's where you come in,” said Mandy with a smile. “You will have to
teach him some manners.” 

“But, you are the teacher, how come you can't do it?” 

“I have too much to do to get ready,” said Mandy as she started to
recite her list of things to do. “I have to make my dress, send out 
invitations and book the banquet room at the restaurant. All this has 
to be done in four days.” 

Squirrel, scratched his head, thinking about the situation. “Looks like
I have my work cut out for me,” he said. “I have just four days to 
teach that bear some manners. I hope I can do it.” 

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