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Watch Out For The Quiet Ones (standard:non fiction, 183 words)
Author: italicsAdded: Nov 19 2005Views/Reads: 2135/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
After her mothers car accident 8 years ago, 17 year old Jennifer has had to put up with the drugs, and lies upon lies. Now she has to get out, for fear that she will go down the same road her mother took so long ago, the road haunting her all over again.


How can you hate someone with such a passion that going to prison is
almost worth the victory of murder, yet, you love that person more than 
anyone, or anything on the planet? 

Jennifer found herself asking that question often, especially lately. 

Not just hate.  No, it was much, much more.  It was loathing so deep
that it made her blood feel cold.  Hateful thoughts of revenge clouded 
her thinking.  Soon, all she could ever think of was how to hurt the 
person, the people, that made her hurt this way.  It was only a matter 
of time until she would accomplish her mission, until she could see the 
look of defeat in their eyes.  She wanted them to see exactly what they 
had done to her.  The only thing was, no method of revenge would 
satisfy her enough. 

Physical revenge was not what she wanted.  After all, she had not been
physically abused.  No, her revenge had to be mental, emotional, so 
that it would hurt forever. 

But she loved her so much... 

How could one not love their own mother?


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