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Red Bow Bear Letter Up In Smoke (standard:other, 1101 words)
Author: DeniMariAdded: Dec 06 2005Views/Reads: 1677/1033Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Short story for children about Christmas.

Red Bow Bear was up early playing with his trucks.  He loved trucks and
he had so many of them.  Big trucks were his favorite but his little 
mail delivery truck is what he was driving this morning, straight to 
the airport. 

Stacked around the living room were big pieces of cardboard that his Mom
had given him to play with.  He had built his airport the night before, 
and this cold December morning, he had big plans for it. He had tons of 
mail weighing down his truck and he wanted it delivered as soon as 

His letter to Santa Claus was going in the mail today, and he wanted it
to get to Santa early, maybe even the first one Santa received this 

Red Bow Bears mom called for him to come into the kitchen for waffles.
His mom was so special.  This morning she was baking little bear shaped 
cookies, with little red bows made from red candy especially for her 
little bear.  Christmas cookies were just about the best cookies ever 

Red Bows dad was in the garage looking through boxes of decorations.
They were filled with lights, ornaments and beautiful angels that came 
out of the garage only once a year.  Tonight all of them would be 
carried in to the house and set down next to their fireplace. 

Red Bow finished his breakfast, and went outside with his dog Lickers
into the first really cold morning of the year.  Red Bow shivered in 
his red slippers as Lickers ran around chasing a squirrel. 

Once back inside the house Lickers went off to the corner near the oven
and Red Bow went to put his toys away.  Upstairs he went to get 
dressed, and chose his favorite Red pants, green checked sweater and 
bright red socks.  His next order of business was to call his best 
friend, Silly Milly Nilly. 

They were talking about their plans for the day.  Silly Milly was going
shopping with her mom for their new Christmas outfits. Red Bow thought 
this was funny.  Why did they need new clothes for Christmas?  He never 
shopped for any. She told him it was part of the tradition her family 
followed every year. Red Bow told her about his wish list for this 
years gifts, and that his letter to Santa was ready to be mailed.  They 
hung up promising to see each other later in the day for milk and 

Red Bow went downstairs and could tell by the look on his parents faces
that something was terribly wrong.  His mom looked sad, and his dad 
looked worried. 

“What's wrong”, said Red Bow. 

Well, it seems when his dad was coming in from the garage with the
stacked ornament boxes, a big gust of wind followed him.  The cold air 
came rushing into the kitchen sending Red Bows letter to Santa, 
straight into the open oven. His mother had just opened it, to remove 
cookie tray.  The wind picked his letter up off the table and sent it 
flying right into the oven. 

There was his letter to Santa, on top of the stove, black and dusty from
the oven. 

“Red Bow”, “We're so sorry about your letter”, “We know how important it
was to you, and we didn't mean for this to happen”.   Red Bow looked 
around the kitchen, with all of the warmth and love it held and spoke 
back to them. “It's ok, really, he said”.  I have an extra copy 
upstairs.  Red Bow Bear always wrote three letters to Santa.  One to 
keep by his bed to read until Christmas, and another to put under the 
tree on Christmas eve, so Santa couldn't forget anything.  The third 
one went straight to the North Pole.  His mom and dad had been so 
worried about ruining his letter that they forgot he always had more! 
Red Bow started laughing, thinking about what had happened to his 
letter. His parents started laughing too.  It was funny.  Red Bows 
heart felt warm, just in that moment he felt like a very secure little 

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