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Taken Too Young - Chapter 1 (standard:drama, 996 words)
Author: Edward A. Donges Jr.Added: Dec 07 2005Views/Reads: 2145/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story of two teens desperatly trying to survive a troubled life, as well as the tragic twists that await them. In this chapter, you're introduced to the Carter family.


Life was just fucking peachy for Alex and Megan Carter. Alexander Jacob
Carter was born on August 29, 1988. He was your typical seventeen year 
old boy. He enjoyed playing video games, eating ice cream, and looking 
at his old man's dirty magazines. And of course, he was a 
procrastinator. He loved to procrastinate. After all, why do today what 
you could have a chance at putting off until tomorrow? But anyway, he 
was smart enough to realize that in order to make it in this world, you 
would have to go to college and get some sort of degree. He didn't like 
school, but he recognized the fact that it was something that he just 
had to do in order to succeed. Alex wanted to become a defense 
attorney, which isn't exactly the best job for someone that 
procrastinates as much as he does, but a kid can dream, right? He 
submitted a couple of applications to schools that he was interested 
in, and being that it was mid-November, he figured that the replies 
should just start pouring into his mailbox any day now. He had already 
received his first answer, and it was not a good one, but Alex held on 
to his dreams, and stayed optimistic towards the future. 

Megan was Alex's younger sister. Megan Samantha Carter was born to Jack
and Elizabeth Carter on June 1, 1989. That very date lies almost 
exactly nine months after Alex's birthday. I guess Mr. and Mrs. Carter 
liked to keep busy. But anyway, back to Megan. She, like her older 
sibling, acted very much for her age. She was the typical sixteen year 
old girl. She was rebellious. She smoked cigarettes and snuck boys into 
her room after dark for a little action. Megan would leave the house 
for days at a time, headed for God-only knows where without any 
explanation whatsoever. She didn't see the point in "playing life 
safe." Her philosophy was this: If you're going to die sooner or later 
anyway, why not try to have a little fun along the way. She would argue 
any point, which is probably why she made the perfect school debate 
team member. She might even try to convince you that the grass is any 
color BUT green. It just seemed that she liked to argue. 

Alex and Megan could not stand each other. Alex emphasized and
overemphasized planning for the future, as well as making and reaching 
for goals. On the other hand, Megan was very nonchalant. She emphasized 
living for the present moment and "making it up as you go along". And 
sometimes, it seemed as though Alex was very, very jealous and hostile 
towards his sister for taking all of the attention away from him. Sure, 
it was negative attention. Stuff like "Megan, where in the hell have 
you been?" But still, it was attention nonetheless, and she was getting 
it. Not him. 

And just when you thought their family could not get any more
dysfunctional, we introduce you to Jack and Elizabeth Carter. Jack 
Carter used to be a successful professor working at the University of 
Florida. The operative phrase in that sentence is "used to". He let 
gambling take the best of him and soon amassed over four hundred 
thousand dollars in gambling debts from the Texas Hold 'Em club down 
the road on Orange Street, only a couple minutes away from the Carters' 
home. With his mind on his money troubles, Jack Carter started to 
ignore his work, and he neglected his job at the University. After 
failing to show up for several days, he found that his pink slip and 
final paycheck were in the mail. 

One thing continued to lead to another. Jack started drinking heavily,
and he began to rely on alcohol to drown out his troubles and get him 
through the day. Drinking like a fish, his bar tabs started to pile up 
as well. Little did he know, Vinnie Pisano, the guy that ran that very 
bar, also owned the Texas Hold 'Em casino on Orange Street. The day 
after Alex's eleventh birthday, Jack Carter went to Vinnie's Tavern for 
a drink. Apparently, he had gotten more than he had bargained for, and 
was never seen nor heard from ever again. And his family didn't seem to 

And then there was their mother, the slut, who has got to be the most
emotionally unstable person ever created since the beginning of time. 
Elizabeth Carter was addicted to every legal and illegal drug on the 
planet. Pot, crack, speed, ecstasy, and PCP. She smoked, swallowed, 
snorted, inhaled, or injected pretty much anything she could get her 
hands on. And of course, this shit wasn't cheap. Liz Carter had trouble 
maintaining employment. She worked at pretty much every hole in the 
wall place in town. She did telemarketing. She worked at a convenience 
store. Then she worked for another telemarketing agency, and then she 
worked at another convenience store. And after all that, there was the 
obligatory ten-day job at Wal Mart. But that didn't last long, because 
she always gave off the scent of marijuana. And then there was the time 
she told her manager to go fuck himself. I don't think he appreciated 
that very much. 

So, she had to find some way to fund her ever so growing drug habit and
raise two children. Like any other loving mother, she turned to 
prostitution to put food on the table and keep the drugs in her system. 
And she did pretty well for herself. She managed to drag in three or 
four clients per night, at about a hundred dollars a piece. And she's 
still whoring herself out each and every single day. 

Needless to say, life was just fucking peachy for Alex and Megan Carter.
And little do they know, that things are about to get a whole lot more 
interesting around their little redneck Florida town ... 


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