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Animal's Farm (standard:Satire, 1226 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 07 2005Views/Reads: 4409/2162Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Animals take over a farm after the owner dies. ( Sound familiar?)

I know, don't tell me.  I should put in more dialog. -------------- 

Farmer Jones owned a large farm near Toonertown.  He raised everything
from corn and soybeans to vegetables for his own table.  The farmer 
also possessed cattle, a few horses and goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, 
and a milk cow.  His farm was in a little valley, miles from his 
nearest neighbors and surrounded by small wooded hills.  It was an 
idyllic setting.  Old farmer Jones was single and had no known 

One day, while feeding the pigs, Farmer Jones dropped dead from a heart

The pigs saw him die and started yelling.  “Help, Help. The farmer's
dead.”  They shook  mud off  their hides and ran out to help their 
master.  Other animals soon responded, to see the pigs surrounding the 
body.  Billy, the oldest male goat, was first to arrive.  He had never 
liked or trusted the pigs, and pounded them with his small hooves until 
he could get to Farmer Jones. 

Billy sniffed the deceased farmer, nuzzling him gently, but could find
no sign of life.  Meanwhile, three sheep came over and watched.  Sheep 
are not very intelligent and stood watching, anxiously waiting for 
someone to explain.  “These pigs killed the farmer,” stated the irate 

The pigs denied it of course, but the sheep took up the cry and ran away
screaming.  “The pigs killed Farmer Jones.  The pigs killed Farmer 
Jones.”  Alerting the entire farm. 

Soon all the animals knew.  They blamed the pigs, who could not get a
chance to explain.  The hapless porcine were chased out of the farmyard 
and into the woods.  The hid in fear, afraid to go back to explain. 

The other animals went to see the body and cry over it. The sound
scaring birds into taking flight.   The milk cow had to be chased away 
from the body. Her large cow tears were making the ground swampy.  Not 
knowing what to do, the animals buried the body back of the barn.  They 
had a ceremony, presided over by Billy, then met behind the farmhouse 
to decide what to do. 

“If the humans find out they'll split up the farm,” declared Billy to
the assemblage, “ I think we should run the place ourselves.  Between 
us, we know all we need to keep things going.  The horses know how to 
work the plow.  Chickens can drop in the seeds.  The rest of us can 
harvest and store the crops.  I know we can do it.” 

“What about all the paperwork?”  Asked a dubious goat, they were always

“I know how to read and write.  The chickens can be trained to dip their
claws in ink and sign Farmer Jone's name.  We can have a cow take care 
of the mailbox,” Billy explained,  “I read a book once about animals 
taking over a farm.  They did a good job.  If they could do it, we can. 
Their problem was that the pigs took over,” Billy replied. 

“Maybe the pigs will do it again?” a cow suggested, “We have to guard
ourselves against pigs.” 

“You can never trust a pig,” a goat stated emphatically, bringing a loud
cheer,  “they're devious and sneaky, and dirty with all that mud.” 

It was agreed that they all would run the farm.  A Governing Board was
elected with Billy at it's head.  The Governing Board would live in the 
vacant farmhouse and make day to day decisions, while all the animals 
would vote on major issues.  It was to be very democratic.  One of the 
first decisions was to hunt down the pigs and drive them from the 
property.  No pigs were to be allowed on Animal Farm property. 

The first season was easy.  It was then Fall and most of the crops were
in already before Farmer Jones's demise.  The farmhouse and barn had 
plenty of fuel for winter heating and they had no major problems. 

The pigs, at first, stayed in the woods, wondering what they had done
wrong.  When the weather got cold they were forced to head for town.  

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