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Two Colors (standard:fantasy, 227 words)
Author: Armadillo womanAdded: Dec 14 2005Views/Reads: 1641/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Musings of Red and White over a cup of tea.

Red and White were busy living their lives among all the many colors
around them. One day Red says to White, "I think it's too bad there has 
to be other colors. Wouldn't it be cool it we could all be the same?" 

White replies, "I think that all the other colors seem to be happy just
to be what the are." 

"But it is really wonderful to be red," states Red. "I feel so sorry for
all those who aren't. And if we were all red, think of the wonderful 
freedom we could have. We could live in blissful harmony, without 
clashing with each other all the time." 

"That's so true," responds white, "But who would color the sky if Blue
was gone? Who would color the grass without Green? And when Yellow 
comes alongside you, and together you make a glorious shade of Orange; 
that would be no more." 

Red ponders this a while and then says, "Ok, so we should leave all the
other colors alone, but you can come with me and be another Red." 

"No," says White, "I enjoy being who I am. But I will come along with
you and together we can be Pink." 

So the two colors decided that it was probably best to leave it the way
it was. And they lived happily enough ever after. 

The end 


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