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why we differ from ''them'' (standard:poetry, 144 words)
Author: kymAdded: Dec 18 2005Views/Reads: 1692/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
society is made unique ,interesting and above all filled with variety with the chasms created by classes.though we despise this ,it all depends in which class you find yourself.the stubbornness of facts and venom of the truth that makes us not want it!


We need not all be the same I need not look like her Neither does she
,like me For I was not born like her Neither was she as I So you see,we 
ought to differ 

I am slim,slender,sensible and smooth She is stout,stronger,les sensible
and soft She is the daughter of the rich one I am of the poor one They 
belong to the affluent,elite class Me,I really do not know where you 
can put me Why?We live in different worlds We are different 

I think of this She thinks of that Who could blame anyone of us? We were
bred that way Each in their own way Like it or hate it We will always 

In thought In practice In the application of certain acknowledgements Do
not turn away now For we were meant to differ! 


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