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Our Last Night (standard:romance, 332 words)
Author: mysteryscribeAdded: Jan 06 2006Views/Reads: 2332/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A piece of flash fiction about a couples' last night. The story is first person and written in dialect. very very short

"Well Jude, looks mighty bad." I had just stated the obvious to a woman
twice as smart as me. 

"Yes Aaron, it looks as though we might not see little Tommy's next

"You should've stayed with him back at mike's place." 

"Old man, we been together nigh on to 25 years. I guess we can be
together a little more." 

"Yeah, but tomorrow we gonna go our seperate ways." 

"Well there's still time. You don't need no preacher to make it legal.
You can find him now and it will count just the same." 

"No, I ain't no hypocrite. I'm gonna' go out just like I lived." 

"Well old man, much as I love you, I ain't going to hell with you." 

"Don't 'spect you to. Didn't even 'spect you to be here." 

"Well, wouldn't be much of a life without you would it?" 

"They sure got some purty suits don't they old woman?" 

"Yes they do. Gonna be a damn shame to stain them with blood." 

"Well, come mornin' we sure as hell gonna try." 

"You know old man, I never did like to travel alone. Let's me and you
try to fill up that train." 


"The one to heaven or hell." 

"Oh that train," I thought a minute then added. "Shame nobody's gonna
even remember this little burp in the war." 

"Well we didn't come here for glory." 

"No old lady, we came to make one last gesture." 

"Yes, that one last throw of them dice you always talking 'bout." 

"Looks like you sure put your money on the wrong gambler this time?" I

"I guess after all these years you are entitled to one mistake." 

"Thanks, wonder if Mike will remember the name of this place. Maybe come
put a flower here for you." 

"I got no idea he can even find this place. What is this placed called
again. I can't speak no Mex." 

"Somebody said the locals call it Alamo or some such nonsense." 


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