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my dog... (standard:drama, 901 words)
Author: isabella jonesAdded: Feb 26 2006Views/Reads: 2070/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
well, this is all about the last day i spent with my dog...


Since morning the atmosphere had been that of uneasy silence. Bruno
hadn't started his usual quota of barking, and that was alarming! I 
wondered how he had managed to digest his food. And then it struck 
me... he hadn't had food since morning. I got worried, that was so 
unlike Bruno... he couldn't stay quiet even for a second if he had not 
been given his food... 

I descended the stairs and entered the hall, trying to find him, but he
was nowhere to be seen. I went into the garden adorned with lush green 
grass (one of the reasons Bruno loved playing in there) and tried to 
find him, at last his drooping tail caught my sight as he was almost 
inside the hole he had dug in the garden! Boy! Mom would kill him for 

“Bruno! Bruno! I called, but he didn't listen, I went close to him and
called him by his name in a very sweet voice which I used just with 
him. He turned his head and saw me, waiting upon him (he was used to 
such royalty... after all he is a spoilt dog) he somehow managed to get 
out of that hole and his tail started wagging. 

“Aaaaw, you didn't find the bone you had buried in there?” I asked
patting his head which had turned a dirty brown courtesy to the mud. 
“That's OK; I'll buy you another one... but, what about this mess that 
you have created? And now, I have to give you a bath.” At the word 
‘bath' he yelped and ran away from me.... He was queer, he didn't like 
water... but poor dear, he had to take a bath. 

As I got the tub ready, he entered the bathroom and put his nozzle on my
hand. For a second I got scared, but I saw him and sighed. It was just 
him! “What are you doing here?” I asked, because as a strict rule, he 
was not allowed to enter the bathrooms and if my memory isn't failing, 
he had always abided by it. 

After taking the tub in the garden, I called out to him and this time he
came... what was wrong with him! Wasn't he going to make me run after 
him around the tub. I concluded, my dog had decided to change for the 
better... however, this was so queer!!! 

After a good (not troubling) bath, we went for a walk; I happened to
cross the butchers and bought him a big juicy bone. Then I met up with 
a few friends, but this pest didn't let me talk to them, everytime I 
started a conversation, he tugged at my jeans, pulling me away from 

I was quite upset with him, but as we reached home, his licks and
whimpers melted my heart...  I could never remain angry with him (you 
think he would ever let me!!!). He sat by my side as I watched my 
favourite soap, (which he hated) and did not leave me even when the 
much hated milkman arrived. Then I gave him some food and after he 
finished eating it, I hugged him and went to sleep. Turning a deaf ear 
to all those yelping, which I had learnt from experience, were 
attention seeking devices. 

After an hour when I was awake, I saw him lying on the floor. I loved
the way he slept, I kept my hand on his head, which would have 
irritated him, but he didn't respond. “Bruno” I called out to him, in 
my soft tone, but he didn't respond- I screamed for my mother, who ran 
into the room- both of us tried to revive the old dog, but he didn't 
respond. The vet was called for, he checked Bruno, then looked at us, 
and said I a sober voice-“I'm sorry, he's no more.” 

My god was that true...!!! No that couldn't happen... that just
couldn't... Bruno! Bruno couldn't be dead... he was; is, I chided 
myself, is a strong dog!!! He is my dog... my dog can't die!! I love my 
dog... he loves me too... so why did he leave me? 

“W...Why?” I asked the vet. 

“Old age... he lived a really long life.” 

No, Bruno wasn't old... we had just bought him!! And I remembered, we
had bought him ten years back. He had grown up with me, and the years 
had passed really quickly. Why? Why did this have to happen, why did he 
have to go? Why? Didn't god know he was my dog, god-who was supposedly 
my friend!!! 

A few days passed and then I actually dared to think about that horrible
day! The day when Bruno had left me... forever... And as I remembered 
each incident, I realized how Bruno had tried to make it the best day 
of my life... My dog behaved the way I had always wanted him to behave, 
he had made my day, but I remembered all the yelping and whimpering, as 
he tried to wake me up- the time he needed me the most, when he was 
leaving me and this house and this world. My dog had given me 
everything I needed of him, but me! I... I had ignored him...a tear 
trickled down my cheek. I felt ashamed of myself; I had not been able 
to give my dog, the one thing he had wanted... 


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