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Lee's Experiment (standard:Psychological fiction, 2035 words)
Author: Zero ProspectAdded: Feb 27 2006Views/Reads: 2136/1310Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
God will have his day, it just won't be in Lee's lifetime.

I sat in my nice comfy chair, watching television. I was waiting for
Greg, my best friend. He knew how I could get sometimes. I could get... 
a little insane, just a little. He just dismisses my creations and 
projects as "Lee just being Lee." My latest experiment, on the other 
hand, will definitely catch his attention a bit more than the "Edible 
Silverware" and the "E.L.F. Corps". Those always bring a smile to my 

You see I am a "scientist." My field? Neoanthropology. My version of
studying humans and their nature. I am completely against animal 
testing, but humans are no normal animals. We are something far beyond. 
We have the ability to speak, create civilizations and form societies 
far more advanced than your everyday cockroach or dog. No, no we are 
much more structured and complex. 

Upon studying I found something remarkable. I found an "End of Days"
chapter in one of my anthropology books. I read about the coming 
apocalypse. I read how it could be as soon as 2012. I didn't believe it 
at first. So I checked out a few other books, all but one had the same 
exact idea. I decided to change that. 

All authors have different beliefs or ideas, and it's no coincedence
that several authors who have never met each other, have the same 
opinion. So I decided to put Mr. Richard McCools idea to the test. Mr. 
McCool believes that the apocalypse won't happen until God sees 
Christianity spread throughout the world and everyone knows who Jesus 
was and what he has done. 

My basement is a sort of "laboratory." In my field of work, I need test
subjects so I breed humans. I watch and monitor, make sure everything 
goes to plan. I find nothing arousing about it, it's just work. Nobody 
knows, except for Greg and me, and Greg has his own problems to deal 

I have been breeding humans for quite some time, thirty or forty years
at least. I started with my own son, Edward. Once his mother passed, I 
decided to start neoanthropology. I set him in a small room and I've 
kept him there his entire life. He knows English, Spanish, German, and 
Russian. He is strong, smart, and has no fears since he has been 
exposed to everything and showed no remorse in killing it... by the 
way, getting a lion was a hassle. 

I am rich so it doesn't matter. Edward knows nothing of the world, so
this room is his life. He doesn't want to explore our planet. He is 
thirty now and the father of 26 children, five mothers. All my 
subjects. The mothers are women I have kidnapped, and no one knows that 
I have them. They have been brainwashed and believe I am their 
master... such feeble minds. 

Crazy people are poor, rich people are eccentric, so don't judge me. I
am still waiting for Greg. He is probably dealing with the hassles of 
the real world. I have asked him numerous times to become a subject and 
stop dealing with the real world, he, of course, declined. 

I changed the channel to a news station. It was talking about local
kidnappings in my area... I didn't care. A knock came from the door. I 
walked to it and looked through the peephole. It was Greg and somebody 
I didn't recognize. 

I opened the door and with our usual, "Hey Lee!" and "Hey Greg!" I was
introduced to Wallace, Isaiah Wallace. He was a friend of Greg's from 
work, which I'm pretty sure is at a local pawn shop. 

"So, Greg, do you want to see the newest one?" 

"Newest what?" Greg had not told Isaiah what my line of profession was.
I looked at Isaiah and turned back to Greg. 

"You didn't tell him did you?" 

"No... Isaiah, Lee is a scientist. A special sort of scientist. He
studies humans and their nature, you know, the way they act and stuff." 

"Ah, I see." 

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