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Humming.. (standard:Ghost stories, 1422 words)
Author: katherine f. ballattAdded: Feb 27 2006Views/Reads: 3397/1959Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a young girl and her friend that notice a strange noise.


“Mummy, I don't like this weather, when will it end?”             Young
Cathy miserably whispered to her mother. “I'm not sure hunny, it looks 
like a pretty bad storm.” Looking depressed Cathy ( aged 5 ) stared up 
into her mothers bright glazed green eyes and mumbled, “but mummy, i'm 
sooooooo bored, sooo bored and the weather is that bad i can't watch TV 
 'cos it won't work.” Cathy's eyes began to form tears as Jessica 
swooped down and scooped her up. Holding her in a cradling 
position-looking down into her eyes and gently wiped away her tears and 
tucked Cathy's hair behind her ear, “shushhhh. Shush. Shush,” she spoke 
softly, “hey, tell you what, how about if I phone up Anna's mum to ask 
if she can come over for the night?” Cathy's face lit up. 

An hour passed and there was a rap at the door Cathy lept to her feet
and flew for the front door as fast as her little feet could carry her, 
“iiii'lllll ggeett iitt, let me get it, don't move...I'll see who it 
is!!!” The lightning struck outside and lit up the window pane. The 
over-enthusiastic 5-year-old opened the door with excitement. “Anna!!” 
She screamed with happiness. Anna lunged forward and hugged Cathy, “I 
haven't seen you in ages, I brought my new zig-zag girl over!” The two 
girls rushed inside the house - Anna's mum following. Jessica come 
rushing over. “Hi Julia, how are you?” Jessica smiled. “Oh I'm good 
thanks, just bought Anna that new action doll, i think they have a 
television series...the zig-zags or something.” Julia explained shaking 
her head from left to right expelling the rain drops in her hair. “Ah  
yes, I think I remember the advert, you look so cold and wet, do come 
in for a brew?” “Okay, I suppose a couple of cups of tea won't hurt.” 

Anna , aged 6, suggested that they both go and play in  her bedroom.
Anna's mum and dad had originally came from Africa, and because of this 
Anna had black, thick curly hair, brown eyes and dark skin. Cathy on 
the other hand had lived in London all her life and was as white as a 
cloud . She had crisp green eyes- same as her mother, Cathy also had 
small brown freckles spattered across her face with soft long ginger 
hair. But the fact that they were different races didn't matter, they 
were best friends. They often met in church on a Sunday, as both 
children were Christian. 

Cathy was the first one to enter her large room and catapulted upon her
large soft bed and landed in a heap. Anna followed close behind  for 
hours they sprung up and down on  the bed, then they watched a movie on 
channel 8, once it was over they played dolls and so on, until finally 
Anna's mum had to leave so they rushed down stairs to say good-bye. 
Julia gave Anna a big kiss on her cheek and told her to be good. “ I 
love you mum!” Anna shouted out the door as Julia drove swiftly away in 
her large car and blew kisses. Shortly after the girls marched into the 
large living room pretending to be soldiers. Jessica  spoke  
informally, “Right Men!! Report upstairs immediately, I will call you 
down in an hour when food is ready!” The girls smiled and hurried back 
to Cathy's bedroom. 

They both slumped on the bed. “ I hope she makes Grandma's biscuits, my
Grandma was the best at cooking and baking.” Giggled Cathy. Anna 
glanced at her curiously, “ what do you  mean...Wassss?” Suddenly 
Cathy's eyes were filled with sadness and she flopped her head down, “ 
My Grandma left home.” She muttered .Still looking pretty curious Anna 
asked, “ Where did your Grandma go?” Cathy glared up with depression, “ 
Grandma left,” she began to sob “ Granny left to go to.. 
T-t...(snif)heaven.” In time Cathy soon perked up again. “ Wanna see a 
picture of her ?” Cathy asked with a wondering tone. “ Sure, okay.” Her 
friend replied. Cathy slowly reached for the photographs and as she did 
she heard a noise. It began to hum. Terror struck the children's eyes  
they jumped to their feet and bombed down the stairs screaming “a 
ghost, a ghost!” 

Jessica was alarmed when she heard screams so she dashed to the stairs
to see what was wrong. She managed to calm them down. She scoured the 
cupboards searching for something. She eventually found it and placed a 
jigsaw puzzle in front of them both and turned on the soft lamps and 
warm fire. “ Here, try and do this puzzle while I do you both food. 
Work together as a team and it should be easy for a pair of bright 
youngens like you.” She wondered off into the kitchen  trying to figure 
out what had spooked them so badly. Cathy began to explain to Anna that 
the song she had previously encountered was the song that her dear old 

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