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Heroism (standard:Inspirational stories, 569 words)
Author: isabella jonesAdded: Mar 19 2006Views/Reads: 2006/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the day i actually woke up to see the truth of this world.


The clouds roared in unison- the gods were at war for a reason known
only to them... no wonder we, the earthlings were suffering the 
consequences- we; but not i... there was only one thought running in my 
mind- no college tomorrow! A holiday! Wow... 

As the rain poured down without taking a break (wo! Workaholic rain!) my
excitement grew and I wasted just five of my precious minutes to 
calculate the number of days it would take for the water to dry... 
oblivious to the danger outside, I sat in the comfort of my house with 
my parents by my side... 

I always pitied myself- as I believed my environment was so boring... my
parents lived a pre planned life- 7-breakfast, 9-office and it went 
on... there was no excitement nothing ‘different' in my life- 
everything was so ‘normal'. We were normal people living in a normal 
world of our own... 

While my mother did some office work, and my father, a doctor struggled
with his patient's insurance papers I sat in front of my books 
fantasizing about the tall boy in my class who possessed those sensuous 
eyes, that appealing smile and... and it was my father's cell phone 
which buzzed aloud and disturbed me and left me surprised! There had 
been no network; then how... 

Before I could tax my brains any further; my father answered the call
and the whole house was filled with anxiety as he continued talking to 
the unknown caller. 

“... but it's flooded now! How can I come?” 

he walked to the French window that prided the front of our house;
looked out and continued, “my car is completely submerged... I don't 
think I can make it... alright, I'll see...” he kept the phone; and as 
typical inquisitive Indians my mother and myself walked to my father- 
standing in front of him, our hands folded- demanding to know what the 
matter was... 

“it was the Mehras... their grandmother just suffered a heart attack-
they have it under control now; but I need to reach there urgently...” 

my mother stared at him; standing akimbo; “no sahil- you're not going
anywhere... do you know how high the water levels are, the current is 
very strong and there are many manholes on the road... god knows which 
one must have opened... noway, I wont let you step out of the house- I 
don't want to lose you...” 

my father looked at her and sat on the bed; in deep thought. After
sometime he got up, got his briefcase ready and walked out of the 
house- giving me a friendly wink... 

well the scene after that... it's better that I stop here...! 

The next day, dad returned home- he was completely drenched but safe and
sound-(thank God!) my mother hugged him in relief and started crying- 

Later, as I sat with him- he told me that it was his sense of duty that
forced him to go... if something would have happened to the old lady, 
he would never have been able to forgive himself... (filmi huh?) 

The whole incident turned my world upside down... my thoughts, my
beliefs- they all had to be ‘reset'. 

My life, though preplanned is SPECIAL- because I have a hero as a
father... there was nothing ‘special' that he did on that day; it was 
just his duty that he stuck to, when his services were most required... 


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