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Blink (standard:romance, 508 words)
Author: GrimAdded: Mar 26 2006Views/Reads: 2633/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I feelt like writing about a moment. so here it is.

There we stood in the center of the parking lot of the restaurant we
both worked at. All the other employees had headed out by now. A light 
flurry of snow had begun to fall lazily down to the earth. The new born 
flakes of sparkling wonder rested in her amber curls, shimmering 
beneath the dim lamps that illuminated the dark lot. Her hands found my 
own and there we stood in silence our eyes locked in a lovers quarrel. 
The wind picked up sending a gust of icy air that whipped around us. 
She shuddered and stepped in closer to embrace me, mostly for the sake 
of warmth I think. Silently I thanked god it felt so good to have her 
in my arms. Her heart beat rapidly against me and I fought off the urge 
to cry. “I love you.” I whispered letting the warmth of my breath tease 
her freezing ear. “I know.” She responded with a sigh. “I love you 
too.”  The swell of her stomach pressed against me, reminding of the 
unborn child that grew inside. Again I bit my lip to hold back tears. 
It was his child that she carried not my own. Regret washed over me in 
that instance. Slowly but surly the feeling faded back to acceptance 
once more. It was nice to pretend things had never changed if only just 
for the moment. A blanket of sparkling snow coated everything around 
us. Our cars sat side by side warming up for the trip home. I would go 
plop down on the couch with my forty ounce and watch late night 
cartoons until the sun peeked its sleepy head across the horizon. While 
she would crawl into bed next to her new man and do only god knows 
what. I cringed at the thought. Slowly she pulled away from me to look 
into my eyes. “What are you thinking?” she said. “Just remembering.” I 
replied forcing a weak smile. Her brown eyes flashed with curiosity. 
“Remembering what?” she inquired returning her head to rest upon my 
shoulder. I let the silence hang on the air for just a moment. “How it 
used to be.” I whispered from another world. “Oh.” She said still 
clinging to me. We stood holding each other for what seemed like an 
eternity. Our hearts beating in rhythm, or breath rising and falling in 
sync. My eyes tightly closed I prayed for it to never end. Silver 
dollars swirled from the dark abyss over head. “We should go now.” She 
said looking up towards the sky. Nodding I agreed. Before turning to 
leave she pressed her mouth to mine. I accepted the warmth of her kiss 
letting it carry me away. “I love you.” She said once more tears 
glistening in her upturned stare. “I love you more.” I whispered as she 
walked away. A hot stream of my own tears     finally got the best of 
me. I tried my best to blink them away. It didn't matter now though she 
was already driving away. 


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