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Amber's American Idol Log (standard:other, 390 words)
Author: AmandaAdded: Mar 28 2006Views/Reads: 1731/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Journal of a girl on American Idol

Amber's Log: This is my first day to be on American Idol. Wish me luck
with my audition! 

Amber's Log:The audition was great, but they didn't like my outfit.
Atleast they rated me Superstar. 

Amber's Log:Today was my second day, I was on the theater stage, singing
"Genie in a Bottle." It went great. I'm going onto the next level. 

Amber's Log:Today was the theater stage, again. I'm going to the next
level. I'm so proud of myself. 

Amber's Log:Today was the last theater stage. I'm going to the next
level. But I'm really starting to miss my family and boyfriend. But I 
call them every night to hear their voices and get support from them. 

Amber's Log:Today was the heats. I'm in 1st place!!! YAY!!! 

Amber's Log:Today was my first day infront of a big audience...the final
10. I'm still in 1st place. I'm so proud. YAY!!! 

Amber's Log:Today was the final 8. There's some really good singers, but
I'm still in 1st place. I think I might actually win. That would be 
awesome. But I'm not keeping my hopes up. 

Amber's Log:Today was the final 7. I still miss my family and boyfriend,
but I'm 3rd place now. But that's okay cause I'm really having fun. 

Amber's Log:Today was the final 6. But I'm ready to go home. I'm tired
and I miss everyone. Mom said that they are coming down for the last 
two weeks. I can't wait. Oh, by the way, I'm still in 3rd place. 

Amber's Log:Today was the final 5. I'm back in 1st place. But I have to
go now because the top three contestants are having a banquet here in 
an hour and I have to get ready to go. 

Amber's Log:Today was the final 4, I'm in 2nd place. But now I have to
go and clean this place up before my family comes next week. I'm so 

Amber's Log:Today was the final 3, I'm still in 2nd place. And my
boyfriend proposed tonight...of course I said yes. I'm extremely happy! 

Amber's Log:Today was the last day. I'm engaged to a wonderful man, I
have a wonderful family and I'm the next American Idol. But I don't 
care as long as I have friends and family whom love and support me in 
what ever I do. But I still WON!!! 


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