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Summer Camps (standard:romance, 6496 words)
Author: AmandaAdded: Mar 28 2006Views/Reads: 1795/1072Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Summer Camps

Part One--Day Before 

Chapter One--Call 

The phone rang early the morning before camp, so I go up and answered

"Hello." I mumbled "Hey, Baby." Jason, my boyfriend for almost one and a
half years, chimed "Hey." I quietly said with a yawn "What are you up 
to?" He questioned "Sleeping." I replied with another yawn "Oh, sorry." 
He apologized "It's okay. What do you need?" I asked "Can I not call my 
girl and ask her out to dinner before she leaves me for two weeks?" He 
questioned "I'm sorry. I'm just sleepy." I apologized "It's okay." He 
said with a smile "So, you want to take me out to eat?" I asked "Well, 
you're going to have to drive." He chuckled "So, we can go anywhere I 
want?" I questioned "I was thinking China Garden in Elkins." He replied 
"Me, too." I exclaimed "So when will you be ready?" He asked "I don't 
know. What about you?" I questioned "I just need to take a shower and 
dress." He replied "Okay." I yawned "I'm going to go and you can call 
me before you pick me up." He muttered "Okay...I love you." I chimed "I 
love you, too, Baby." He replied 

We hung up and I got ready to go. 

Chapter Two--Date 

When I was ready to go, I called Jason and went to pick him up, after
leaving a note for my mother on the table. 

When I arrived at his house, he was standing on the porch, waiting for
me to get out of the car and go over to him. 

"Hey, Baby." He exclaimed "Hey." I chimed 

I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him. 

"What was that for?" He asked "Can I not hug you?" I questioned "It's
okay, Baby...just unexpected." He chuckled "Sorry, Baby." I apologized 
"It's okay." He repeated 

After saying hello to his mother, I took Jason and went to Elkins, 

"Baby, I can't wait until you get back because you know I'm going to
miss you." He said with his soothing voice "Baby, that was so sweet. 
I'll miss you, too." I teased 

After we ate, we went to the movies to watch Freddy vs. Jason. It didn't
scare me, but I held onto Jason anyway. 

After the movie, and a couple of kisses, we went back to my house
because Danielle was supposed to be there soon. 

"Baby. I had a good time." He exclaimed "Me, too. You want to come in?"
I asked "Sure," he replied 

We went to my room and made-out until the doorbell rang. 

"Danielle's here," I chimed, jumping off my bed like leapfrog from its
lily pad "Yep." He muttered, rolling his eyes 

Part Two--Bus Ride 

Chapter One--Fight 

"Hey, woman, glad to see you." I exclaimed "You, too, Sis." She chimed
"So, bring me anything?" I asked "Yea, but first, where's Jason?" She 
questioned "I'm right here." He replied, walking in from my room "Long 
time no see." She squealed, running and gave him a hug "Yea I know." He 
chuckled "How have you been?" She asked "Good." He replied "Just good? 
Amanda what did you do now?" She questioned "Nothing, he doesn't want 
me to leave him for two weeks." I explained "Well, I don't 
neither...that's why I'm going with you." She joked 

We laughed and sat down in the kitchen and talked over a can of soda
pop. "Well, it's about that time. We better start loading the car." I 

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