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Florida (standard:romance, 1400 words)
Author: AmandaAdded: Mar 28 2006Views/Reads: 1736/1017Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Trip to Florida

Chapter One 

"Mom, I'm leaving to go to Amanda's now." Randall informed "Do you have
all your stuff packed?" She asked "Packed and loaded in my car." He 
said "Okay, are you going to leave from her house or are you coming 
back?" She questioned "Leaving from there." He replied "Okay." She said 
and hugged him 

When he arrived at my house, I didn't know he was there because I was
still packing with the music really loud. 

He knocked on the door and came in. 

"Come in." I said with my head in the closet "I am in." He replied
"Randall!" I exclaimed, hugging him "I missed you, Angel." He said "I 
missed you, too." I replied and kissed him 

"Would you like to sit down?" I asked "Of course, unless you need some
help." He replied "I need to take a break anyway." I noted "I can't 
believe you're up at mid-night." He said "Me, too." I replied with a 

A couple hours later, we left for Florida. 

"Are you happy you're going?" He questioned "Why wouldn't I be?" I asked
with a smile 

He just smiled and held my hand while he drove. 

"Are you not tired?" I questioned "No, I slept all day. It only took an
hour for me to pack." He replied "Okay." I said "Why? Are you?" He 
asked "A little." I replied "Why don't you take a nap? You have sixteen 
hours until we get there and five until we stop." He suggested "Okay." 
I agreed 

About five hours later, he woke me up to stop at a rest stop. 

“We're at a gas station. You better go to the restroom and get you
something to snack on before we move on.” He suggested “Okay.” I 
agreed, getting out of the car 

Ten hours and two rest stops later, we were at the place we were going
to be staying at for that week. 

“Hey, Randall.” Courtney greeted “Hey, This is Amanda.” He introduced
“Hello.” I replied “Well, let me show you up to your room.” She said 

She led us up the stairs and to a room with a beautiful view. “If
there's anything you need, I'll be downstairs.” She noted and closed 
the door behind her “This is awesome.” I said “Yea, it is.” He agreed, 
putting his hands on my waist “What?” I questioned “I haven't held you 
for sixteen hours.” He replied “Oh.” I said, looking into his eyes “You 
are so beautiful.” He complimented 

I just smiled and put my head on his shoulder. 

“Dance with me.” He requested, turning on the radio “Okay.” I agreed and
danced with him “Do you want to go out to eat tonight?” He asked “Yea.” 
I replied “Good, get ready to go...I'm taking you somewhere fancy.” He 
said “Okay.” I agreed 

“Do you want me to dress up really nice?” I questioned “Yea, wear that
black dress you wore at homecoming last year.” H replied, walking out 
“Okay.” I agreed 

Chapter Two 

When I was almost ready, Randall knocked on the door. 

“Are you ready?” He asked “Only need lip-gloss.” I replied “Can I come
in?” He questioned “Yea.” I said 

He walked in and looked at me. 

“You're beautiful.” He complimented “Thank you.” I replied with a smile 

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