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Troubling Happiness (standard:romance, 1259 words)
Author: AmandaAdded: Mar 28 2006Views/Reads: 1865/1028Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

Chapter One 

“Amanda, may I talk to you, please?” Randall asked “Yes, Sweetie.”
Amanda replied, walking into the kitchen where Randall was. “Do you 
remember that trip we were planning in June?” He questioned, putting 
his arms around her. “The one we couldn't go on?” She asked, looking 
into his eyes “ you want to go next week?” He questioned “Can 
we?” She exclaimed with a big smile “Yes, that's if you're up to it.” 
He said, rubbing Amanda's tummy. “I'll be eight months and two weeks on 
Monday.” She informed, putting her hand on his. “I know, but I really 
wanted you to go.” He said, looking into her gleaming, blue green eyes. 
“Okay...we'll go.” She replied, hugging him. 

They called Danielle and Josh to go with them just in case of an

“Okay, we're all here, Amanda's inside still.” Randall said, opening the
passenger side door of his jet black Audi. “I'll go get her.” Danielle 
offered, walking up the wooden porch steps. “Are you sure?” Randall 
asked, holding the car door in front of him. “Yea.” She said 

When they got Amanda in the car, safe and comfortable, they were ready
to take off on their trip. 

“Are you ready?” Randall questioned, looking over at Amanda and trying
not to chuckle. “Yes, I'm ready.” She replied with a mouthful of 
unsalted GOLD Pretzels. 

Chapter Two 

"Are we there yet?" Randall joked, seeing that the car was stuck in a
traffic jam. "What time is it?" Danielle followed with a smile. "Turn 
up the radio." Josh said, no knowing what was going on. "I have to go 
to the bathroom...but I really do." Amanda added "Okay, Angel. We'll 
stop somewhere very soon." Randall said with an ensuring smile. 

About ten minutes later, they were out of the jam and on their way to
find a rest stop for Amanda. 

"Feel better?" Randall questioned when Amanda walked out of the
restroom. "Much." She replied with a smile and took him by the hand. 

He just smiled and led her back to the car, after getting something to
snack on. 

When they were about five hours away from their yacht, Randall got stuck
in another traffic jam. 

"Another on. This is going to take forever!" Danielle exclaimed,
slamming her body against the backseat. "It's okay, Dani, we're almost 
there." Amanda soothed, turning around to look at her. "Yea, but it's 
seven o'clock in the evening...we've been driving for eleven hours 
straight." Danielle complained, looking at the clock in the car. 
"Correction...we stopped two times." Randall said, looking at Danielle 
in the rearview mirror. "Oh...who asked you?" Danielle huffed and 
looked out the window. "Dani, just relax. Take a nap, you're cranky." 
Amanda suggested, turning back around in her seat. "Fine." Danielle 
sighed and laid her head down in Josh's lap. 

Chapter Three 

Finally, they were minutes way from their yacht. 

"Parking spot...parking spot." Randall mumbled to himself, trying to
find a handicap spot for Amanda. 

After they parked, Randall and Amanda headed down to the yachts to
figure out which one was theirs. 

"Okay, we found it. Help me carry Amanda's bags." Randall requested,
looking at the luggage in the trunk. "Um...okay." Josh hesitated, 
looking at the bags in his own hands. "I'll help, Randall." Danielle 
said, pushing him aside. 

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