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Burn pt2 (standard:romance, 3255 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: Jade CatseyeAdded: Mar 29 2006Views/Reads: 1494/1174Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Our love burned with an abandoned and reckless passion that threatened to consume us whole. For sanity’s sake, we decided to just remain friends, something that probably won’t last long, especially since I think I’m falling for his twin brother. (Second

Sweet Sorrow 

Soft, pliant lips moving against my own awoke me from a relatively light
slumber, the friction of the subtle pressure causing warmth to pool in 
my stomach. Eyes still closed, I responded automatically, matching his 
skilled mouth stroke for stroke. A moan slipped past my lips, their 
parting just what he was waiting for as his tongue was reintroduced to 
mine. I knew what was to come, but it was still as unexpected and 
thrilling as the first time. 

His tongue ring skimmed the roof of my mouth, begetting a rush of
adrenaline and fire that poured through my veins, the added chemical 
and non-chemical factors creating my body to ache for more. 

My fingers curled around his neck and yanked him closer, the sudden
action causing his breathing to hitch sharply before grabbing my waist 
and yanking me flush against his hard, lean form. And what had started 
out innocent grew into something so urgent, so desperate that I felt it 
would consume us whole if it hadn't already. 

“DevAngie, aren't you two supposed to be on hiatus?” 

My eyes flew open. This wasn't a dream. With every ounce of willpower my
body had to offer, I broke the kiss, my breath coming in ragged pants. 
“Damn it O'Connell...” I gasped for air while trying to maintain a 
scowl, “what part of ‘just friends' don't you understand?” 

Panting as heavily as I, Devin managed a grin, his face flushed and lips
swollen. “I couldn't help myself. You looked so cute lying there. I had 
to steal a kiss. You know I don't do well with temptation.” 

I rolled my eyes. “From now on, stay at least three feet away from me at
all times. That way you won't be so easily swayed.” 

He groaned and buried his nose in my hair. “You're killing me babe.” 

“And you think this is easy for me?” I hissed icily and squirmed out of
his hold before he could answer then quickly rolled to a sitting 
position. Selfish bastard. Didn't he know that he could still ignite my 
body into a blissful, all-consuming fire with one look? That I myself 
had a hard time controlling my needs whenever he was near me? Of course 
he knew it and took full advantage of the fact and I was not too proud 
to admit that I'd given in from time to time, which was precisely why 
we needed to stop. How would we ever be able to move on if we couldn't 
keep our hands off of each other? 

“Wait Angie, I didn't mean it like that,” he groaned pushing himself off
the ground and crawling to my side. 

“Forget it O'Connell.” I didn't want to fight. We'd already done enough
to last us four lifetimes and then some. 

“Don't be mad at me,” Devin murmured, his warm breath skimming the back
of my neck as he inscribed small circles on the curve of my back. 

The soothing action calmed my frayed nerves. “I'm not mad at you,” I
finally sighed leaning into his touch. “I don't know why this has to be 
so hard.” 

“Have I mentioned that you two act more like a couple when you're on
hiatus than when you are together?” 

I gave Jack a pointed glare. “Have I mentioned that it's rude to stick
your nose into other people's business?” 

His grin widened, his dusty brown eyes sparkling with mischief. “You
know this hiatus shit won't last for long. I think you should end this 
meaningless charade and get back to doing what you do best. Fucking.” 

“My point exactly,” I heard Devin grumble under his breath behind me. 

“Thank you for your professional insight Dr. Phil, but I am more than
capable of keeping this relationship strictly platonic.” With a great 
deal of effort, I pushed my ex-boyfriend's hand away to put emphasis on 
my point. 

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