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words (standard:romance, 452 words)
Author: saffronAdded: Apr 03 2006Views/Reads: 1987/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A new beginning

Words never came easy to her. 

Not simple every day language of course. 

Words that he seemed to want to hear, and she could never deliver. 

She picked up a pen and stared at the notepad in front of her.So much
time had passed and now he had returned. 

For what she didn't know.She had hurt him , and he her. 

None of that mattered now,it was a new beginning.She had to tell him.If
the words would not roll off her tongue she could make them appear in 
print.It would be more than just words.Surely he would realise this. 

They were so different, yet together they had something magical. 

She believed in actions speaking louder than words. Words were too easy
she decided a long time ago before she met him.So she remained silent 
when he told her how amazing she was.She didn't believe it.It was only 
words after all... 

“ Where do you get that reserve?” he would tease, but retrospectively
she could see the disappointment on his face, the rejection behind his  
beautiful green eyes. 

She couldn't begin to tell him how she felt.She could never disclose how
he filled her every waking thought and of how he was there when she 
drifted into sleep and as soon as she awoke each morning.She couldn't 
possibly let him know she adored everything about him, admired him, 
cherished him, yet was haunted by the very real possibility that he was 
too good for her.One day he might come to realise this himself and 
would leave her , exposed and broken,  and she would have no choice but 
to look at herself in the mirror and say:I told you so.What if? 

So she had to let him go eventually. 

At night she tossed and turned, haunted by the loss.She had avoided the
risk yet she believed the hurt could not be more intense had he left 
her.Instead it was by her hand, and as she cried herself to sleep, she 
willed him back. 

Unbeleivably he returned, tentative at first, but he was the same person
as before.Now she must make amends. 

To live without risk was to live without him. 

She knew what she had to do. 

As she began to write, the door opened and he appeared.He handed her an
envelope. Two plane tickets to Amsterdam.He remembered  her wish list. 

She threw her arms around him and he laughed, hugging her right back. “I
have something to tell you” she whispered .”Have I ever told you that 
actions speak louder than words?” 

He nodded, bemused. 

“Well I was only half right.I do love you, you know”. 

Simple, and so very effortless. 

He smiled and pulled her in close, for a very new beginning. 


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