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Hates Death (standard:poetry, 245 words)
Author: ifeelpainAdded: Feb 07 2001Views/Reads: 2045/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
umm.. im not sure what to put here just read it please

:i am lucifer 

:hear my heroic pree 

: i am here to seek revenge 

: on all that shall face me 

: i lived up high 

: high so i could fall 

: and never land 

: but now ive felt hate 

: and hit the painful ground 

: so now im here 

: to kill all that shall also hate 

: i am here to kill hate 

: not to spawn it 

: so dont hate me' 

: and dont hate anything 

: if u shall hate 

: hate only what u are 

: and have become 

: for you are the only one who has drove you to it 

: its hard to understand 

: and even harder to deal with 

: but u should only love 

: never hate 

: but i am what hate is 

: was 

: and will be 

: so face me now 

: and i hope u win 

: i wont hold back 

: but i hope u win 

: i hate myself 

: therefor i hate hate 

: i want hate to die 

: as much as i want to die 

: but as much as i want that 

: i cannot just die 

: and that is why i hit the ground so full of pain 

: to see who on this earth 

: this ravth 

: this unholy ground 

: is able to destroy all that is bad 

: and nothing that is good.... 


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