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The Grey Room. (standard:drama, 1411 words)
Author: Randy OsbourneAdded: Apr 12 2006Views/Reads: 2512/1641Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man finds himself in a small grey room with no means of escape.

The Grey Room. 

He had no idea how he got to where he was, nor did he have a clear
memory of what had happened to him before he found himself in a strange 
room.  All he knew at that moment was that he was there. 

He slowly got up from the hard concrete floor and looked around. He was
in a small room with four grey walls. He looked to the floor and then 
to the ceiling to see the grey matched the walls.  There were no 
windows in sight. There was a grey door in the centre of one of the 
walls, with a grey doorknob.  He slowly walked to the door and turned 
the knob. It only turned a bit which clearly indicated to him that it 
was locked. 

He then started to pound in fists on the door and yelled. 


Silence only greeted him. He made another attempt and shouted, 


His throat started to get horse from shouting and he sat on the ground.
His mind was a whirl with what seemed like a hundred different ideas 
all at once. One of the first thoughts he had was that he had been 
kidnapped.  That idea he seriously doubted. Even though his memory was 
foggy he knew that he was not a rich man. So he dismissed that idea 
from his mind. 

He then thought that aliens could have abducted him. He was never one
the really believed in the paranormal, but at that point, he would 
believe almost anything to explain the situation that he was in.  He 
wondered if they would do some strange experiments on him that he heard 
others claim that they went through when they were abducted. He was 
determined not to let anything like that happen to him. If they were 
going to experiment on him, then he would not go down without a fight. 

There was not much he could do in the meantime but wait.  He looked on
his left arm and saw that he had no watch. He then quickly checked his 
pants pockets.  There was nothing in them. It was at that moment he 
noticed that his clothes were grey. It was just a simple shirt and 
pants that matched the colour of the room. 

He then got the idea that he was in some sort of prison.  But as far as
he knew, he had committed no crime.  He desperately wanted to know 
where he was and how he got there. 

He got up again and pounded on the door again. 


Still no reply of any kind.  He sat down on the floor again frustrated.
As he thought about his dilemma, he fell asleep. 


He woke up and his neck was stiff and sore from the way he had slept. 
He had no idea how much time had passed as he slept.  In this dreadful 
room, a minute could seem like an hour and an hour like an eternity. As 
he rose up slowly, he massaged his soar neck. 

He went to the door again and this time he did not shout or pound on it.
He tried a different tactic and tried to talk through it in case there 
was someone who could hear him on the other side. 

“Excuse me,” he began. “Is there someone out there? I would like to come
out of this room now please.” 

Silence was the only answer he received. 

“If there is someone out there can you please at least answer me?” 

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