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Those That Don't Exist (standard:fantasy, 1403 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: kissofthehungryUpdated: Apr 24 2006Views/Reads: 2269/1398Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Shina is an interesting twenty one year old, unlike most adults, she knows beings like Santa and the Easter Bunny exist. Because of her knowledge and special gifts, she gets conned into many "missions".

Shina lay in her bed, listening to Korn's newest album, See You On the
Other Side, her green eyes shut in relaxation.  By all appearances, her 
room was that of an average young adult.  A plain blue comforter 
decorated her bed but there were fun, fuzzy pillows thrown upon it.  
The white walls were covered in pictures of friends and family, 
familiar faces smiling all about.  There were a couple stray items of 
clothing scattered on the floor and a desk covered in a heap of 
disorganized homework. 

However, twenty one year old Shina was far from an average adult.  Her
pleasant face with a smile that seemed a bit too big for it hid a young 
woman with extrordinary gifts.  One of the many was she could see the 
creatures that young children could but adults had dismissed as 
"imaginary".  These included but weren't limited to, imaginary friends, 
Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and ghosts.  Shina had learned a long 
time ago that such powers were best kept a secret, most people just 
couldn't handle the idea. 

Yet it was something that she had to abide with throughout teenagehood
and now through college.  It was always a strange experience to sit in 
class and have a spirit suddenly waft through on it's way to wherever 
it goes.  When it had first happened, she'd had a difficult time 
keeping her composure but now she just shrugged it off.  So, when her 
roommate, Connie, came barging in, panting and swearing at a spirit, it 
took her for a surprise. 

Connie was a tiny little brunette with big, dark brown eyes and round
lips.  Her hair was cut in a bob that she always kept straight and 
perfect but now it was in a wild array.  The spirit was shapeless 
except for white eyes and a smile that was snickering wickedly. 

"You pull that on me again and I swear to god, I will find someway to
trap you in a little bottle for the rest of time," she glared defiantly 
at him, trying to pat her hair back down.  The spirit just giggled 
somemore than dissolved into nothing. 

Shina lay in her bed, staring wide eyed and open mouthed at Connie, who
turned and started when she saw her.  "Uh," she stammered, "What you 
listening to?" 

"How are you able to see the spirits?" she cut right to the point,
tearing off her earplugs.  Her heart was pounding furiously in her 
ears, it had been a long time since she had discussed openly what she 

"Too?" it was Connie's turn to look shocked, "You see them as well?  Do
you see anything else?" 

Still wide eyed, she nodded then continued, "Now your turn to answer my
question, how long have you seen them?  And what else do you see?  Is 
it just seeing things or do you um, do things?"  Now that the wall had 
been broken down, the explanations poured out.  Connie could see the 
same things as she did and had realized other people didn't when she 
was eight.  She too had special abilities but even she didn't know the 
extent of them.  The two roommates were up until odd hours of the 
night, giggling like young girls and enthusiastic in that they now had 
a kindred friend. 

The next day, when her alarm went off, Shina groaned.  After the night
before, she did not want to get up but she didn't have a choice.  While 
her creative writing teacher didn't really care if they came to class 
much, she did insist that they came in for the writing assignments and 
guest speakers.  Rubbing her eyes in a desperate attempt to rid herself 
of some of the sleep she felt, she rose from her jersey sheets. 

After showering and getting dressed, she strode into the little kitchen
area to get an orange for breakfast.  She threw herself down on their 
couch and began to peel the juicy orange.  When she heard footsteps, 
her  heart stopped, Connie should be gone for class so who was in their 
small apartment? 

Her reactions weren't quite what they should have been for she could
have made herself blend in with the couch but instead, she just froze 
up.  When a little girl with long blue braids and a stunning dress that 
looked straight out of a fairy tale emerged through Connie's doorway, 

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