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Innocent (standard:non fiction, 1217 words)
Author: KelccommitsAdded: Apr 27 2006Views/Reads: 2297/1431Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A love story that ends in horrible death.


Love wasn't a strong enough word to describe what Brad and Cali felt for
each other. They were both 16 year old teenagers who had been 
inseparable since they met in kindergarten. 

The fire in their relationship was kindled in the small town of
Johnsonville; a place where it's always sunny and everyone waves at 
you, regardless if they know you or not. From the moment their eyes met 
it was as if the heaven's opened up and rays of light shone upon them, 
from that point it was an instant friendship. In grade four they began 
feeling strange about each other, Brad no longer thought Cali had 
cootties and Cali began worrying about what her hair looked like when 
she was around him. These feelings led to them ‘dating', in that 
immature 10 year old way. Over the years they grew closer and closer to 
each other and as their relationship matured they planned to get 
married and be together for the rest of their lives. They were a very 
popular couple in high school; everyone knew them and loved them. Both 
Brad and Cali got great grades and were treated as favorites by every 
teacher. But behind all this happiness there was also a lot of sorrow. 

The sorrow started when Brad and Cali were 12 years old. Brad's parents
were involved in a horrific car accident and were both decapitated. 
Brad had to go to the scene of the accident to identify that it was his 
parents. At that moment Brad was standing in the middle of a bloody 
crime scene with his to parents lying dead right in front of his eyes 
covered up with body bags. There were two mangled cars and glass 
shattered all around, the odor in the air smelt so horrible that Brad 
almost vomited. After the funeral Brad moved in with Cali and her 
family and after a few months Cali's parents took legal guardianship of 
him. From then on Brad was never the same guy. On days that Brad would 
get sad or down because of his parents or anything else, Cali would 
sing ‘Innocent' by Our Lady Peace, to him; this was their ‘get through 
anything song'. The horrifying pain that Brad was suffering through 
wasn't enough to make Cali give up on him. She was there for him 
through anything that could come there way. 

The madly in love couple seemed so perfect to the rest of the world, but
behind closed doors there was anger and abusive intensions building 
between them. Brad and Cali began to fight a lot more then normal 
couples. A severely depressed Brad started to become very controlling 
of her and also very abusive. Brad wouldn't allow Cali to talk to any 
of her friends or to hang out with them. If Cali tried to disobey Brad 
then he would scream at her, hit, kick and slap her. As Cali's friends 
started to become worried and concerned for her, Brad started to worry 
that someone would find out how horrible he was treating Cali. 

Cali felt alone and very scared for her own safety, but through all of
this she still loved Brad with all her heart. After months of the 
terrifying abuse towards her she finally got the courage to talk to 
Brad about ‘the problem'. Brad told Cali exactly how he was feeling and 
the reason why he was being abusive. He admitted to her that he felt 
very depressed, sad and mad at the world. He had always wanted help but 
was too afraid of what Cali would say if he told her, and the possibly 
that she wouldn't love him anymore was frightening. 

After that very emotional and personally conversation between Brad and
Cali, the supportive couple sought help; Cali thought everything would 
be alright from then on. Cali was wrong, only a few days later Brad got 
very upset with Cali. He was furious because she had been flirting with 
Todd the quarterback on the football team. She apologized to Brad 
repeatedly but it just wasn't enough for him and he began beating her 
harder then usual. Then suddenly Brad did something so demeaning to 
Cali. Brad started to force Cali into having sex with him by holding 
her down. Brad was sweating from being so enraged with anger. He held 
Cali down with all his force, pushing on her little arms so hard that 
he could of broke all the bones in her arms. This was the first time 
either of them had, had sex before. Cali was silent besides the tears 
pouring down her face and the whimpers every for seconds. While Brad 
was doing this to her he would scream at her repeatedly “your mine..... 
your mine!” That night Cali didn't sleep at all she just sat there and 
cried and was numbed of all pain. 

Brad woke up the next morning feeling horrible and very mad at himself.
They both went to school that day but didn't talk at all. By the end of 

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