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Dark Advent: Resurrection (standard:fantasy, 595 words)
Author: OverfiendAdded: Apr 27 2006Views/Reads: 1857/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A future earth has been split into 2 halfs due to a mysterious disaster. An ex-mercenary group leader seeks revenge against a holy group of knights who murdered his group, unaware that he has been taken over by a dark and powerful monster...

Present day earth, a great disaster happens that splits the world into 2
half's. But instead of floating apart, the 2 halves of the world manage 
to hold together. Then terrifying stories come about to the human 
survivors that one half of the world (now known as the “other half”) 
has been invaded by horrifying monsters and demons. Knowing that no-one 
could have survived an invasion like that, the human survivors decide 
to ignore it and rebuild society. 15 YEARS LATER. Society is crumbling, 
corruption is higher than it ever has been and violence has become so 
casual that murder is a common thing that hardly bothers the police. 
The only way to gain justice is by hiring bounty hunters and mercenary 
groups, who will do anything for the right price. However, one group is 
about to cross the line. The Black Legion group, an infamous mercenary 
group, accept a job from a powerful drug lord called Argeonl. The job 
is to kidnap a priest and his family for not paying back a large sum of 
money to Argeonl. However, the job goes bad when the priest and his 
family are murdered by Argeonl. Placing the blame on the Black Legion, 
a group of temple knights are sent out and kill everyone in the group. 
Only the leader, Kyrusho, survives. Swearing revenge, Kyrusho sets out 
to destroy the Temple Knight's and their leader. However, what Kyrosho 
doesn't know is that his disowned son Hori is training to become a 
temple knight and he has forseen Kyrusho's arrival, allowing the Temple 
Knights to prepare themselves. After fighting his way to the Grand city 
Taine, Kyrusho has a flashback of what happened to him during the great 
disaster. Remembering that HE is the one who caused the great disaster 
(something that he forgot) and that he was attacked by a mysterious 
black creature after touching a black jewel that sat on top of a 
mountain he climbed on a dare. After touching the black jewel and being 
attacked by the black creature it was then the earth split into two 
halfs. Overwhelmed by guilt, Kyrusho throws his sword to the ground in 
defeat, swearing to end his life because of the terrible deed he has 
commited. However, something happens to Kyrusho at that very moment, 
and he is taken over by a mysterious dark force. Possesed, and with 
newer, greater power, Kyrusho continues his crusade to destroy the 
Temple Knights. Taking on the military itself, Kyrusho destroys the 
city, leaving behind nothing but rubble and debri of a once great and 
powerful city. Upon arriving at the Temple Knights Fortress, Kyrusho 
discovers from the Temple leader that he has been taken over by the 
Black Fiend. A legendary demon who wishes to destroy all human life and 
rule over all. Knowing that the Black Fiend is far too powerful for 
anyone to defeat (especially after a bloody and violent battle ended 
with the deaths of almost every Temple Knight there is!) the Temple 
leader takes on the Black Fiend, hoping that his holy magic can counter 
attack the Black Fiends dark magic, and destroy it. Unfortunately the 
Temple Leader is defeated and the only other Temple Knight left is 
Kyrusho's son. In an amazing battle Hori manages to unleash a strange 
magic attack that manages to send the Black Fiend to the other half and 
lock him in there for as long as possible. But something else is about 
to happen that decide the fate of all human kind, and not even Hori can 
stop it alone...


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