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Diana's Dilema (standard:adventure, 2171 words)
Author: chetoAdded: May 22 2006Views/Reads: 2106/1434Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Unknowingly, diana got in with the wrong people and this is what happened

Diana's Dilemma by Chet O! 

Much like “the Perils of Pauline” an old time movie serial, Diana's
dilemma was real. It could easily been her end except for her 
resourcefulness. What happened? 

Well it all started innocently enough when an old college friend
introduced her to this swell looking fellow that had no problem with 
throwing a lot of money about. They went to the best places, theaters, 
and any other place they had any interest in. Most of the time they 
spent in a large restaurant that he seemed to own. She really didn't 
know that much about him, but she was learning quickly. 

Hanging out – out of the way in the back of the room, she often came in
contact with this one fellow who was always there. She thought he must 
be one of the gang. His suit bulged in the right places like the other 
gunmen. She always had a drink in front of her. Often she sat around 
for hours waiting. He, Mallow didn't want her in his apartment or hers 
either for that matter. “You should be handy,” he said. 

One time after she had been around awhile, she asked the gunny, “Why
would anyone want to sell cars in Panama? There is plenty of business 
right here. Isn't there?” 

“It ain't the cars you sell there. It is the cars you import from there.
You dumb broad!” 

The next thing she knew was – she was naked. Her arms were tied together
with a piece of barbed wire. Her legs were also. She squinted to look 
about. She was lying in the empty bucket of a front-end loader. Just as 
she started to regain her senses, another loader dumped a huge amount 
of sand on top of her. 

When she saw the other loader, she turned to lay face down with her
hands close to her face and her legs drawn up tight. The sand was heavy 
on her back and ran in around her a little but there was a good 
airspace. It was a long while she thought before the loader finally 

She felt the bucket tip and the sand running out. Why the operator was
doing it so slowly, she couldn't imagine. Just before she was to slide 
out of the almost upside down bucket, she snagged the end of the wire 
holding her arms together over a tooth at the front of the bucket. She 
had just enough time to yank back starting it to unroll when she fell a 
long way down. 

The tooth pulled her to a right side up position so her legs hit first
and she fell forward in the very loose sand. She went nearly crotch 
deep in the sand. She looked about where she was and noticed an 
overhang of dirt, rock, or something. Quickly, she inchwormed her way 
in under the overhang. There she quickly relieved herself of the wire. 

She disregarded the small scrapes and cuts that she felt and tried to
hear what the voices were saying. Soon a huge cement block fell right 
where she had been. It was one of those blocks used to keep cars from 
using unauthorized roads, etc. If she had still been there she would be 
only mush. 

Over the next few hours until dark more rubble, dirt, and sand fell
until the block was completely out of sight. She waited longer until 
she could hear nothing but nature. Digging with a strong stick she was 
soon free of the trapping rubble. In the bottom of the pit was an old 
homemade rig made from a truck of some sort. She looked it over, 
started it up (it didn't need a key), and she drove it to the top. 

She got out pointed it to the rim of the hole, dropped the clutch after
pulling the throttle open wide, stepped out, and watched it disappear 
over the edge. It made a loud crash. The next thing was a perusal of 
the work shack. It was not locked. Inside hanging from nails were all 
sizes of filthy coveralls, overalls, and other work clothes. 

She tried on some shirts. Some were more than dress length, but she
thought better of wearing just that. A smaller, but still large on her 
shirt, the smallest pair of pants, four or five pair of various socks, 
and the smallest rubber boots -- she was ready to move out. 

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