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Mirror of Lost Souls (Part 1) (standard:horror, 3146 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: kissofthehungryUpdated: May 26 2006Views/Reads: 2352/1461Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Twenty years ago in Sunshine Valley, serial killers sacrificed their family and friends to a bloody dream. Now, Jenny and her friends are about to unleash their souls once more upon the innocent town.

Mikel woke with his head throbbing and his hands tied behind him on the
chair that he sat.  For a moment, he was too disorientated to even 
begin to try to sort what had happened then it all came back to him.  
He'd walked in with his girlfriend, Sharlene, to introduce her to his 
parents.  There'd been a creak behind them but before he could turn to 
see see the cause, something had hit him hard from behind then 

"Sharlene," he whispered, gazing around at the basement of his house,
praying that she was okay. 

From behind him, fingers brushed his then gripped them and her shaking
voice replied, "I was afraid they killed you.  Are you tied up too?" 

"Yeah, I am.  Did you see them? Any idea who did this?" he squirmed but
the ropes that held him didn't give any. 

"No, they hit me from behind.  I was hoping that you had.  What do they
want with us?  What are they gonna do to us?" her voice was coming to 
the edge of hsyteria and he wasn't far behind.  Her hands started 
groping his more intensely and he realized that she was working on his 

Excitement overran the fear, "Are you able to untie them?" 

There was silence for a moment and then the taunt ropes went slack,
"Yes."  Quickly, he pulled them off and got up to untie her.  Suddenly 
the basement door swung open and shadows leaned down towards them. 

"Well, what do we have here? An escapee?" the voice was way too familiar
and he felt new terror course fresh through his veins. 

"Mom," he gasped and Sharlene squeaked beside him. 

"Oh sweetie, you recognized me," his mother removed the hood of a dark
cape she was wearing.  Her companion removed his as well to reveal his 

"What's going on?" he didn't know what to think or what to say.  How
could his parents be behind this?  Could they be the serial killers 
that had been plaguing Sunshine Valley? 

His father laughed, "All will be explained soon enough boy.  Now you
stay right there and we'll be down to help you and your girlie out."  
Mikel looked around wildly for a way to escape and saw the basement 
window.  He turned towards it then back towards Sharlene. 

"Go get help," she plead, "Go now or they'll kill both of us.  If you
get help, you can save anyone else from getting hurt."  His parents 
were almost down the stairs and if he stayed to untie her, they would 
most certainly have the both of them. 

Feeling guilty beyond belief, he ran for the basement window, threw it
open and pulled himself up.  Then he looked back at Sharlene, at her 
golden hair and blue eyes filled with undisguised fear and he knew that 
he couldn't leave her.  He dropped back to the cement floor and saw his 
parents reach the bottom of the stairs.  Beside him was a mop and he 
grabbed it to use as a weapon. It wasn't much but it would have to do 
in the circumstances. 

"Oh Mikel, darling, what are you to be doing with that?  Cleaning me
up?" his mother's Russian accent became thicker with the laughter in 
her voice.  His father came around one side, his mother the other and 
he closed his eyes for a minute.  He had to do this, he had to escape 
and get Sharlene out of there. 

"Maybe," he spat and thrust the handle of the mop into her belly as hard
as he could.  The satisfactory whoosh of air escaping her echoed 
through the cold room and he nearly cried out in joy.  That was one 
down then he heard the metal click of a slide being pulled back on a 

Turning to his father, he found himself looking down the barrel of a
gun, it's dark shine warning him not to make a move.  His father 
laughed huskily, "Mikel, surely you did not think you could mop your 

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