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Thoust Shall Let Thy Ant Live (standard:Flash, 394 words)
Author: CyranoAdded: May 29 2006Views/Reads: 2196/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One ant crawling over my boot, not understanding the present danger...

Thoust Shall Let The Ant Live 

Copyright Kelly_Shaw2001 

The ant crawling around my boot right now does not understand the
present danger. Tired, frustrated and angry I care less whether it 
should live or not. It's just an ant. I raise my boot and watch it 
climb under the sole. So what if I'm about to extinguish the life of 
this ant, would it really matter? The situation right now has its own 
special temptations. I might feel better if I stamp on its existence. 
‘Hast thou no heart; canst thou not let this creature live and suffer 
whatever it be?' Conscience, I hate it. 

The ant dares to climb back on top of my boot. Ignorance is bliss. It
crawls round in circles, seeing the world from a different height. The 
ant is not afraid, by its very actions it is telling me: ‘What art thou 
afraid of? Canst thy not find it in your heart to trample me under they 

What is the purpose of the ant? What is the purpose of its very
existence? His life hangs upon my temperament and association. What 
does a young ant look like compared to a geriatric ant? Upon this 
thought all my presuppositions about the ant at once fall to the 

It's in my nature to let it live. Later tonight I may, accidentally,
extinguish it. Better that than act out my vengeance and anger by 
stomping it into the tiled floor. 

I let the ant live. What did it matter you may ask. Well, it was a
matter of infinite consequence. I wasn't willingly ready to accept the 
burden of knowing I had deliberately stamped my foot on the ant. An 
hour earlier it might have been different. My mood, my thought, my 
temperament was not what it is now. 

The ant seemed friendly enough. I let it climb on my finger; it ran
across the palm of my hand. Finally I let it down on the kitchen table. 
What possible harm can such an irrelevance have upon my life? I left 
the ant to go his way. 

The shower water hit me hard. When I looked down, rinsing my hair, a
hardback beetle was crossing the shower floor. I raised my foot and 
stamped down on it, crushing it to death with some ferocity. 

I hate beetles in my shower. 


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