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TRANSFORMATION (standard:fairy tales, 412 words)
Author: HopeAdded: Jun 10 2006Views/Reads: 2340/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
magical thoughts trying to make sense on a page

I find myself in a place I haven't visited before. But everything seems
familiar, the paths, the trees, and the objects around me.I have been 

There is a soft golden white light everywhere. I feel the power in
everything i see... 

He tells me he wants to show me the stream but can't remember which way
it was. There are two paths, only trees being the guides. I walk 
towards one and every part of me tells me I've bee here before. As I 
walk I see a boulder I once sat on.I stop and touch it. What happens 
next I can't recall... 

I feel a stange sensation and suddenly there is a powerful purple light
that blindes me. I look up and I see something shining in the distance. 
Sweet music playing,I hear laughter. I follow the laughter and not too 
far from me I see them... 

They are playing some game and I know the rules. I quickly close my eyes
and feel myself being lifted. And when I open them everything around me 
remains the same. And then I hear them again... 

'aaah u're back'... How was u're journey? 

Did you find your answers?? 

I smile and suddenly my hands start to move a light seems to form in
between my palms. My life projects in the space between them and me... 

I watch as everything I am is flashed before my eyes. My world my
emotions, my essence... 

And then I look back and see him in the distance... He looks confused,
but unafraid.... I take his hand and keep walking... We don't say 
anything but he lovingly watches me... 

I hear the water.He sits down by the stream and his eyes follows my
every move. My hands come up again and suddenly the water takes forms. 
With every motion of my finger the water dances and giggles in 
delight... And suddenly I turn my hands towards myself... 

I become the phoenix, the unicorn,I become the star i used to wish on, i
become the first raindrop that touched my face every time i went into 
the rain and it goes on...all those magical creatures i have longed to 
see are really a part of me... i am the ocean, the sun and there is no 
limit as we are all a part of the same powerful being... 

I walk slowly towards him and fall into his arms and I cant remember
anything that made me happier... 


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