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To Top It Off (standard:Inspirational stories, 1199 words)
Author: chetoAdded: Jun 14 2006Views/Reads: 2032/1308Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There are no words to describe my surprise

To Top It Off by Chet O! 

“Well, to top it off, you don't know what the hell you want. Do you?” 

“N-No!” she replied, blubbering and sniffling like a spoiled kid. 

“Have I got it right? You do not have a place to stay, no home, no job,
and obviously not many if any friends. Is that right?” She only nodded. 
“You are not sure that you want to get in my car or of much of anything 
else. If you stay here on the harborside you will be picked up. If you 
are lucky it will be the police and you will spend the next twenty days 
in jail as a vagrant. The alternative is to have a pimp find you and 
you will spend the rest of your life on your back when you are able. Is 
that what you want?” 

“No. What are you going to do with me? Please?” she sniffled. 

“One of two things; first you can come to my house and stay until you
find something. I will expect you to help me clean and do other 
household chores during that time, or; second, I'll take you to the 
homeless shelter and drop you off. It is your choice.” 

She grabbed my arm and said, “Your place, please?” 

After pulling into the garage, I locked up the car and opened the door
to the kitchen. She went in ahead of me and the first thing she saw was 
a sink full of dirty dishes. She sighed and walked on into the living 
room and then my den. Every room was cluttered with papers, etc. 

“I told you, I am not a neat freak. I just live. Ha!” 


“But nothing! That is the way it is. Do you want to go back to town to
the shelter? All you have to do is ask.” 

She looked around more and then headed up the stairs. At the top,
directly to the front was a small sewing room. On either side of that 
are bedrooms. The one to the left is the one I use. On the right is the 
room my late wife used. It is just as she left it – immaculate (neat 
and clean). 

The sewing room brought a smile to her face. “I like sewing, Chad.” Then
she opened the right bedroom's door. “OH MY! This is gorgeous! Is some 
one staying here?” 

“You are. That is if you would like.” 

“But, I do not understand. You do not even know me. I just saw you for
the first time a few minutes ago when you chased those school kids away 
from me at the pier. Why are you doing this?” 

“Well Gerry – it is Gerry? Short for Geraldine, right?” 

“No, it's Gertrude – awful ain't it?” 

“Better than nothing. How about just Ger as a barking dog?” 

Gerry laughed at that. The first I have seen of her smile. “Gerry will
suit me fine thank you, Chad. Where do you want me to start?” 

“First we take care of you – all dirty and only half dressed. The bath
is downstairs because it is cheaper to have the water pipes close 
together. You know – bath and kitchen? In that dresser and these other 
drawers and closets you will find all kinds of clothing. Most of it my 
wife made for herself. She was always sewing for some one. Find some 
clothes or put on this robe. Your old clothes we will get rid of – if 
you want. I'll make coffee.” 

About the time the coffee was ready to drink, Jerry walked into the room
in my wife's nightgown and peignoir! It was quite a shock to my system 
because with a clean face she resembled my late wife! To make the 
resemblance closer she was wearing Her makeup! I was speechless! 

She noticed my expression and commented, “It is all right to wear this –

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