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A Solioquy For Drowning (standard:poetry, 196 words)
Author: Joseph MichaelsAdded: Jun 24 2006Views/Reads: 1643/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About a fear of drowning

When your shoes are worn through And broken, And your toes are beat,
Chemical compounds in the sun-baked tarmac, Like hot, furry tongues 
Will lick the soles of your feet. When the leather of your boots Are 
cracked and bleeding The road will open up straight and narrow. 

At the widest point in the open space, The cloudless skies will swallow
you whole, The air that surrounds you Condenses into thoughts. It 
expands when you breathe and swallow; You suffocate on dark matter That 
fills your lungs. 

Then Panic runs stark-naked, arms flailing Through the flooding
corridors Of your mind Searching for the emergency release valve, Your 
eyes flicker with horror As he punches every switch he can find. 

The struggle for Freedom Has become a joke, With restraints and red
tape, Your eyeballs pop-out of their sockets to escape, Like rats on a 
sinking ship. 

Nose, throat and fear denied, The struggle weakens When the endorphins
are supplied. Liberty is held hostage, arms bent back At an awkward 
angle and tied. The light grows dim and the neon sign flashes: 'Mass 
exodus consciousness' I fear we are drowning inside. 

And Death is watching over Us


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